Priorities & Committees

Council Priorities
  • Center City Revitalization
  • Communication With Citizens
  • Long Range Planning / Vision 20/20
  • Public Safety
  • Quality of Live and Economic Development
  • Transportation / Traffic
Council Committees
Committee Members Areas of Responsibility
Community Involvement Committee Cindy Rushefsky, Chair
Craig Hosmer
Doug Burlison
Mike Carrol
  • Environmental issues
  • Legislative priorities
  • Neighborhood issues
Finance and Administration Committee Jerry Compton, Chair
Craig Fishel
Jan Fisk
Mike Carroll
  • Economic development
  • Federal and state assistance programs
  • Fees and charges for city services
  • Makes recommendations to council regarding audit findings
  • Monitors internal audit plan
  • Supervises internal auditor
Plans and Policies Committee Doug Burlison, Chair
Craig Hosmer
Jan Fisk
Jeff Seifried
  • City code revisions
  • Council goals and procedures
  • Master planning of all areas
Public Involvement Committee Jeff Seifried, Chair
Cindy Rushefsky
Craig Fishel
Jerry Compton
  • Recommendations for appointments to boards and commissions