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Tee Times
Tee times are available online one week in advance or by calling:
  • Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course (417) 833-9962
  • Horton Smith Golf Course (417) 891-1639
  • Rivercut Golf Course (417) 891-1645
The Municipal Golf Courses of Springfield-Greene County, Missouri
Whatever your age or interest, the Springfield-Greene County Park Board has something for you! With 3 public 18-hole courses, Bill and Payne Stewart, Horton Smith, and Rivercut, each offers its own unique challenge to golfers of any skill level. Oscar Blom, a 9-hole, par-3 course offers a fun, fast paced, yet competitive round.

Want to improve your game? The Connie Morris Learning Center is just the place for you! If golf is your game, the Springfield-Greene County Park Board offers the best in public golf course play found anywhere in the United States.

Numerous outing packages and frequent play programs are available at each course.

Golf Courses

  1. Betty Allison at Oscar Blom Golf Course

    This par 3 course is open day or night - it's lighted.

  2. Bill & Payne Stewart Golf Course

    Come enjoy the Bill and Payne Stewart Golf Course.

  3. Connie Morris Learning Center

    Learn about our golf lessons and clinics.

  4. Golf Webstore

    Purchase Springfield-Greene County Golf Discount Cards and/or Golf Discount Plans online through our Webstore.

  5. Horton Smith Golf Course

    Come golf at the Horton Smith Golf Course.

  6. Rivercut Golf Course

    Play a round of golf at Rivercut Golf Course.

  7. Jr Golf Special

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