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Attention: No building inspections Aug. 2; inspectors to attend training

Commercial and residential building inspections will not be available from the City’s Building Development Services Tuesday, Aug. 2 because the department’s inspectors will be participating in training on fire resistance-rated construction led by Southwest Missouri Code Officials.

BDS asks the building and development community to plan accordingly to accommodate the inspectors’ attendance at this training session. The inspectors will resume their normal schedules Wednesday, Aug. 3. 

Welcome to the City of Springfield’s Developers Resource Center. This virtual one-stop-shop is here to assist you in navigating between multiple city and Greene County departments that deal with development related projects. 

Frequently Requested Projects

Construction project manager on phone with plans and tablet computer.E-Plans

The City of Springfield has launched the first end-to-end electronic plan services initiative in the State of Missouri and has selected Avolve Software's ProjectDox for implementation. E-plans will benefit the city's business development by offering several cost and time saving efficiencies, including:
  • Improved communication with developers, contractors, design professionals and project stakeholders
  • Reduced administrative processing
  • Reduced printing and travel time
  • Streamlined plan review and permit approval
The city, in concert with City utilities (CU), will integrate its e-plans technology with existing permitting and document archival systems, reducing redundant data entry and enabling network and wireless data distribution to multiple city and CU departments. View the e-plans login screen

E-Plans Videos
E-Plans Resources
More E-Plans Information & How To Register
  • For building development services (building and public works infrastructure) e-plans projects contact Rick Garner via email, phone at 417-864-1061, or fax at 471-864-1109.
  • For zoning and subdivision e-plans projects contact Bob Hosmer.