1. Business Licensing

    Business Licensing for Building Development and Zoning Approval

  2. Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF)

    View the application for a certificate of appropriateness.

  3. Online Commercial Plan Review and Permit

    Online Commercial Plan Review and Permit

  4. Commercial & Residential Construction

    Both commercial and residential construction forms, applications, and fees are provided for residents.

  5. Driveway Permits

    The requirements and authorization to receive a driveway permit is handled by the traffic engineering office.

  6. Excavation Permit

    It is important to bring and present all the required information when applying for an excavation permit.

  7. Floodplain Development Permit Application (PDF)

    This application form can be used to request a floodplain development permit.

  8. Land Disturbance Permits

    Checklist for obtaining a Land Disturbance Permit, fee information, and forms for permit application, renewal and termination.

  9. Permanent Sign Application (PDF)

    Helpful permit application to acquire a permanent sign.

  10. Public Works Improvement Application

    Fill out an application for a desired public works improvement project either in the city or the county.

  11. Stormwater

    Access helpful stormwater information.

  12. Zoning & Subdivision

    All the Zoning Department documents, permits, and forms available online.

  13. City Utilities

    Manage personal city utility bills such as electric, gas, and water.