SPARC Schools / Parks

SPARC Schools

  1. Bingham

    Discover Bingham Elementary School.

  2. Bissett

    Learn about Bissett Elementary School.

  3. Fremont

    Read about the programs available at Fremont Elementary School.

  4. Harrison

    Learn about our great before and after school program at Harrison Elementary School.

  5. Hickory Hills

    Visit Hickory Hills Middle School.

  6. Holland

    Learn about the educational opportunities that Holland Elementary School has to offer.

  7. Jarrett

    Uncover great programs at Jarrett Middle School.

  8. McBride

    Come see what McBride Elementary has to offer.

  9. McGregor

    Read about McGregor Elementary School.

  10. Parkview

    Come visit Parkview High School.

  11. Reed

    Discover our educational programs at Reed Middle School.

  12. Sequiota

    Come visit Sequiota Elementary School.

  13. Truman

    Discover our exciting programs at Truman Elementary School.

  14. Wanda Gray

    Come visit Wanda Gray School.

  15. Weaver

    Find out about the educational programs offered through SPARC at Weaver Elementary School.

  16. Westport

    Uncover the exciting programs at Westport K-8 School.

  17. Williams

    Come visit Williams Elementary School.

  18. Wilson's Creek

    Discover great opportunities to get involved at Wilson's Creek Schools.

  19. York

    Learn about our exciting programs at York Elementary School.