Swimming Pools

Westport Pool
  1. Chesterfield Indoor Aquatic Center

    Read about the great amenities at the Chesterfield Indoor Aquatic Center.

  2. Doling Indoor Aquatic Center

    Information about Doling Aquatic Center.

  3. Fassnight Pool

    Read about the features of the Fassnight Park and Pool.

  4. Grant Beach Pool

    Come swim at the Grant Beach Park and Pool.

  5. McGee-McGregor Wading Pool

    Come swim in the McGee / McGregor Pool.

  6. Meador Pool

    Discover the Meador Sports Complex, Park, and Pool.

  7. Silver Springs Pool

    Come take a swim in the pool at Silver Springs Park & Pool.

  8. Westport Pool

    Read about the great amenities we have at Westport Park & Pool.

Inclement Weather
In case of inclement weather and daily updates on our outdoor pools, please call the aquatics hotline at 417-864-2099.