Closed Bids

Closed Bid Tabulations that have been opened by the City of Springfield Purchasing Division are listed by year. Download bid tabulations by clicking the appropriate link in the "Bid Tabulation." column. Original bid information is available in the "Opening Date" column. All downloadable documents are in PDF format.

In most cases Closed Bid Tabulations will be available for viewing approximately two business days following the bid opening.

Bid tabulations indicates only the bids as received. All bids are subject to verification for accuracy, and for specification and contract compliance. No conclusions about contract awards should be drawn from these tabulations.

Low Bidder
Spreadsheet will not show low bidder name in final column unless it is one of the 1st 8 vendors.
  1. 2015 Bids

    Review the closed bids from the current year.

  2. 2014 Bids

    Review the closed bids from the year 2014.

  3. 2013 Bids

    Review the closed bids from the year 2013.