1. Sanitary sewer smoke testing planned for next week in Ward Branch 05 basin

    The City of Springfield’s Clean Water Services division will begin sanitary sewer smoke testing in the Ward Branch 05 basin, the region near Ozark Highlands Mobile Home Park west of Glenstone Avenue, the week of July 20. Read on...
  2. Unhealthy level air quality alert today and tonight

    The City of Springfield is monitoring a wildfire smoke plume from the Canadian Yukon that is anticipated to enter the Springfield airshed this afternoon. This is an alert for high levels of fine particulates in this smoke plume. Read on...
  3. Sanitary sewer smoke testing to begin next week

    The City of Springfield’s Clean Water Services division will begin smoke testing in the Jordan Creek 11 sewer basin next week. The Jordan Creek 11 basin is located north of East Blaine Street between North Link Avenue and North Old Orchard Avenue. Read on...
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EarthA large portion of our local quality of life and economy relies on our environmental stewardship. The City is very proud of our community’s track record of environmental compliance and recognizes we must protect our environmental resources for future generations.

The City’s Sustainability Office offers educational and outreach programs about a variety of topics, including recycling for homes and businesses, air quality, composting and vermicomposting.

Springfield has been held up as a “model community” by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) The City, Greene County and City Utilities continued building an integrated plan framework that would allow a more holistic approach to the various unfunded environmental mandates that all communities are facing – wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, air quality and solid waste.

The plan also takes into account community affordability in a new, and in our opinion, more equitable way than state and federal regulators currently propose. The City proposed this integrated plan framework to both EPA and Missouri DNR. If crafted successfully, the framework could become a national model.