Trees for Sidewalks

As the weather warms up, Springfield residents start venturing out of their homes to enjoy the outdoors. Many opt to take a walk or a bike ride around their neighborhood. Children may choose to walk to school, rather than catch a ride from mom or dad.

Program Purpose
Sidewalks decrease chances of in-road, pedestrian-car collisions by 80% and are essential to a healthy community's lifestyle. Trees greatly enhance quality of life in many ways.
NeighborWood and Public Works Partnership
Tree Planting
That's why the City of Springfield's Public Works Traffic Operations division is now offering a tree-planting benefit (NeighborWoods) in combination with school sidewalk construction in neighborhoods across the city. Through this program, Springfield residents are offered a substantial tree (about 5 feet tall) to be planted on their property, once a school sidewalk has been constructed on their street.

The NeighborWoods School Sidewalk Program is one of several efforts by traffic operations (links) to make Springfield a safe place to walk and bike (links). Using funds generated by the quarter-cent capital improvement sales tax, the city has constructed more than 50 miles of school sidewalks over the last 20 years. The goal is to provide sidewalks in a half-mile radius around all schools in the district.

The public grounds forestry staff has been serving Springfield residents with the NeighborWoods program for 10 years. Applicants receive a tree, planted by city staff, just by committing to watering the tree as needed.

Find More Information
Contact Mandy Büettgen in Public Works Traffic Operations.