911 Emergency Communications


Ash Grove - Legal till 22:00 each night 06/28 thru 07/07 and 24:00 July 4th

Battlefield - Legal July 1 - July 6th only, 10:00 - 22:00 & 10:00 - 24:00 on July 4th Fair Grove - Legal any day 10:30 - 22:30. Legal on the 4th and on the weekend before and after the 4th, 10:30 - 23:30

Greene County - No Fireworks Ordinance. Officer can sign peace disturbance or trespassing or property destruction. Under State Law, fireworks cannot be set off on or around a Church or School LR Fire District – In the past the LR Fire District had passed an ordinance making fireworks shot on road right of way illegal. That was ruled unconstitutional. LR fire is no different than anywhere else in unincorporated Greene County.

Republic - Legal July 4th 10:00 - 24:00 Strafford - Legal any time. If they become a problem, a Strafford officer can issue a peace disturbance summons.

Walnut Grove – Legal July 4th only.

Willard – Fireworks are now legal in Willard from July 4th at 12:00 till July 5th at 00:30. However, all younger than 17 must be supervised by an adult and you can’t shoot anything that lands on someone else’s property. So, if you get complaints in Willard, go ahead and notify them.


Zim Schwartze, Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications director, has added another award to her resume.

Schwartze was named last week as the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International Director of the Year, according to a news release from the city. This most recent announcement comes a month after Schwartze was named the Missouri 911 Director of the Year. “As a city, we are very fortunate to have Zim’s wealth of experience in law enforcement, emergency management and emergency communications in Springfield,” City Manager Greg Burris said in a news release. The release says Schwartze will be recognized during the annual Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials conference Aug. 14 in Orlando, Florida. Schwartze joined Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications in 2013 after retiring from the Columbia Police Department. Schwartze is an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Institute, treasurer of the Missouri 911 Directors Association and a volunteer with Special Olympics-Missouri, according to the release.

When Should I Call 911?
Anytime you need police, fire, or ambulance services dispatched!

The Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications Department is committed to efficiently and compassionately answering the public's 911 calls for emergency service response.

We serve as the 'public safety answering point' (PSAP) for the 911 caller needing public safety services. We are a full service communications center as we receive calls and dispatch to the public safety agencies needed.
PSC Building
Mission Statement
The 911 Emergency Communications Department is committed to efficiently and compassionately answering the public's call for emergency service response.

Our commitment will be demonstrated through:
  • Sensitivity to the dignity and service deserved by every citizen
  • Awareness of the need for professional services
  • Sustained superior service by an exceptionally trained, service-focused staff that is effectively equipped to provide efficient, cost-effective response by public safety agencies
The Springfield-Greene County 911 Emergency Communications Department is the hub of emergency communications throughout the city and county. Acting as the central base of incoming 911 emergency calls from the public, as well as outgoing communications to personnel in the field, the facility is the true "nerve center," incorporating a cooperative interaction of cutting edge technology and a highly trained work force. This combination of skilled employees and ever-changing technological capability ensures that the citizens of the city and county can expect an efficient and professional response to any emergency-related contingency.

Departmental personnel have the direct responsibility for quick relay and/or dispatch for fire, police, and emergency medical services. 911 calls from the entire county are processed through the 911 Operations Room at the Public Safety Center. We currently serve fourteen fire agencies, nine law enforcement agencies, and transfer medical calls to a local emergency medical services that have their own dispatch centers.

Fast Facts

Here are fast facts about 911:
  • Currently employ approximately 70 telecommunicators, supervisors and managers
  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Supported by an annual sales tax based budget of about $5.5 million for salaries and equipment needs
  • Handle approximately 475,000 phone interactions each year 
  • Receive an average of 20,000 911 calls each month
  • Nearly 80% of incoming 911 calls are from a wireless device