1. Citizen Complaint Form

    Fill out a citizen complaint form online.

  2. Crime Stoppers Tip Form

    Fill out a crime stoppers form online.

  3. Drug Tip Form

    Report a drug tip online.

  4. Failure to Return Leased or Rented Motor Vehicle

    File a stolen vehicle report.

  5. Failure to Return Leased Property

    Report stolen property online.

  6. Information Request Form

    Request information from the Springfield Police Department.

  7. Letter of Enforcement

    Request trespassing enforcement from the SPD take place on your property.

  8. Officer Recognition Form

    Recognize an officer for a job well done.

  9. Online Police Report

    Fill out a police report online.

  10. Police Cadet Application

    Apply to be part of the Police Cadet Program in Springfield.

  11. Register Video Surveillance Equipment

    Register your business's video surveillance equipment with the Springfield Police Department.

  12. Special Event Application

    Looking to host a special event? Contact the Springfield Police Department and make sure you know city information in regards to special events and fill out an application to host an event.

  13. Taxicab Application Information

    Learn how to become a taxi driver.

  14. Citizen Crash Report

    Look up information on filing an accident / crash report.

  15. Neighborhood Watch Training Attendance Form

    Join a neighborhood watch in your community.