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Boards & Commissions

  1. Board Application Form

    Apply for a board, commission, or task force.


  1. CPR/AED Training Request
  2. Fireworks Permit Application

    This entire application must be completed and submitted with the required documentation or it will be rejected..

  3. Free Residential Smoke Alarm Application

    It is the goal of the Springfield Fire Department to ensure all homes have at least one working smoke alarm. To aid in this effort, we... More…

  4. Motorized Vehicle Special Events Permit Application
  5. Overcrowding Prevention Onsite Training Request

    Training will last approximately 90 minutes and includes hands on training with a fire extinguisher simulator.

  6. Request a School Visit
  7. Southwest Missouri Youth Fire Intervention Program Referral

    Please fill out this form if you would like to refer a child to the YFI Program. The child's parents will be contacted by our Youth... More…

  1. Fire Incident Request Form

    Fill out this form if you would like a copy of any documents related to a Fire Department incident.

  2. Free Home Safety Survey Application

    More than half of all fires occur in the home. To better protect your home and your family, the Springfield Fire Department proudly... More…

  3. Girls on Fire Registration

    Do you have what it takes to be a Springfield Firefighter? Find out at the "Girls on Fire" Recruitment event. The goal of this FREE... More…

  4. Overcrowding Final Test

    Once you view the overcrowding presentation, please take and submit this test to complete your training requirement.

  5. Presentation/training Request
  6. Share Your Story

    Did you have an interaction with the Springfield Fire Department you'd like to share? Tell us here! How did we help? What can we do... More…

  7. Temporary Tent/Event Permit Application

    Regulated by Springfield City Code - Fire Prevention Code Chapter 54 and Currently Adopted International Fire Code 830 N. Boonville... More…


  1. Food Training Registration

    One day seminar, How to Write a HACCP Plan, for the Food Industry on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at the Career Center at 2900 E. Sunshine... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. National Teddy Bear Picnic - Sunday, July 10th

    Join us in singing the Teddy Bears' Picnic song at 1 p.m. Grab your favorite stuffed toy and a picnic lunch, and head off for a stroll... More…

  2. Springfield-Greene County Park Board Employment Application

    Online application for temporary and seasonal positions with the Parks Department.

  1. Run for Fun Club

    For kids going into 2nd through 6th grades. Saturdays, June 4-July 30. 10-10:45 a.m., Westport School-Park Track, 3100 W. Mt. Vernon.... More…


  1. Citizens Police Academy Application
  2. File a complaint about a Springfield Police Department employee

    Complete this form if you wish to file a complaint about a Springfield Police Department employee.

  3. Online Police Report
  4. Registration for Neighborhood Watch/Apartment Watch

    Registered Neighborhood or Apartment Watch groups should register their neighborhood events/functions to coordinate scheduling with... More…

  5. VIP Ride-along Registration Form
  1. Drug Tip Form

    Do you have information about drug-related activity? The Springfield Police Department investigates tips from citizens concerning... More…

  2. Officer Recognition Form

    Police officers are expected to protect and serve the public as part of their duty. But sometimes an officer may go that extra mile. A... More…

  3. Online Supplemental Police Report
  4. Video Surveillance Registration

    Commercial establishments, rental property management and even homeowners can register surveillance equipment with the SPD so that... More…

Public Information

  1. Citizen's Service Assistance Packet

    Receive a printed copy of the Citizen's Service Assistance Packet by mail.

  2. Special Event Permit Application
  1. Neighborhood Watch Application

Public Works

  1. Drive 25 Program

    Fill out and submit this pledge to commit to safe driving behavior and receive a free decal.

  2. NeighborWoods Tree Permit

    Fill out the tree permit completely. Upload your site map.

  1. NeighborWoods Questionnaire
  2. Right-of-Way & Excavation Permit Application (DRAFT)

    Contractors fill out this application for an excavation permit. A separate permit is required for each block where work is taking... More…