Services of the City Attorney to the Public

Legal Guidance to Volunteer Community

  • Springfield has many volunteer organizations, including a number of boards and committees serving at the request of Springfield City Council. The City Attorney is available as a resource to members of these boards to answer questions about potential conflicts of interest.
  • City attorneys provide advice about City ordinances and laws to neighborhood organizations, the DWI Task Force, Community Services Resource Team, COP meetings, the Community Public Safety Task Force, Interagency task Force on Gangs and Youth Violence, Springfield Against a violent Environment (SAVE), and the Center for Conflict Resolution.
  • The legal staff has also actively participated in developing the City's long-term plan, Vision 20/20.

Presentations and Public Speaking

  • Members of the City Attorney's staff are available to speak to classes and organizations on a variety of topics. This includes legal training on a more formal basis to officers in training at the Springfield Police Academy.
  • Attorneys speak regularly to students participating in the City's D.A.R.E. Program, to driver education students including DWI mock trials, to neighborhood organizations and to business owners, by conducting outreach efforts such as seminars on shoplifting enforcement.
  • City attorneys are regularly invited to bring the legal profession up-to-date on a variety of municipal issues ranging from DWI enforcement to conflict resolution.

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