Pedestrian / Bicycle Plan:

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What Is This and Why?

The City has initiated a process to develop a vision, plan and policy for a complete transportation network for person-powered transportation including:

  • off-street paths
  • on-street bicycle facilities
  • on-street pedestrian facilities

The City presently has a Bicycle Plan, a Greenways Plan and miscellaneous pedestrian policies and manuals. Our goal is a comprehensive strategy that updates these plans and adds a formal Pedestrian Plan.

This project is in response to:

  • a Field Guide 2030 (Springfield's strategic plan) goal for a complete street policy and improved facilities for walking and bicycling.
  • citizen comments revealing a desire for more emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle transportation as part of both community planning and transportation projects.

Your Opinions Matter!

Input from each affected sector of the community is important as transportation infrastructure is maintained, upgraded, and constructed. Community engagement allows both stakeholders and the general public to provide guidance and follow the activities of the plan update. Public input was obtained between November 2011 and May 2012 by way of a public meeting, three focus group sessions, and presence at several community events. Over the past two years, staff has been developing a plan to address an integrated system for person-power mobility with guidance by the Traffic Advisory Board and Ozark Greenways, Inc.

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Who is Leading the Process?

The development process is being coordinated by the City’s Public Works Department under the guidance of the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee of the Springfield Traffic Advisory Board. The committee is intended to include stakeholders for use and management of the infrastructure for person-powered transportation. It consists of:

  • Traffic Advisory Board members
  • representatives of government agencies responsible for public facilities
  • advocacy organizations
  • interested individuals

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