Agenda for the Board of Adjustment


August 7, 2007


1:30 P.M.


Kirk Heyle (Chairman), Steve Bowen (Vice Chairman), Renee Tyson, Gary Waldrop, James Turner; Alternate Members: Robert Torp and Jeanette Heifner.

Roll Call:

Introduction of Zoning Ordinance as Evidence

Approval of Minutes:

April 3, 2007 and April 27, 2007


Unfinished Business:

Special Exceptions:



  1. Appeal A-58

    To appeal the decision of a City of Springfield administrative official stating that it was unlawful to alter a Legal Nonconforming Sign by replacing its existing manual message board with an new electronic message board. Also under appeal is the City's assertion that the Zoning Ordinance requires that the sign in question has lost its status as a Legal Nonconforming Sign and must therefore be removed from its current site.

Other Business:

You are welcome to speak to any item on this agenda. The Board of Adjustment Chairperson will invite anyone who wishes to speak to an item after staff makes its presentation. When you address the Board of Adjustment, please step to the microphone at the podium and state your name and address. All meetings are tape recorded. Please limit your remarks to five minutes unless the Board of Adjustment allows a longer time. In accordance with ADA guidelines, if you need special accommodations when attending any City meeting, please notify the City Clerk's Office at 417.864.1443 at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting.

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