Police Officers' & Firefighters' Retirement Fund System


The Board is composed of nine voting members including one Police representative, one fire representative, one retiree representative and six citizen representatives. The President of the Board is elected annually by the Board.

The Board also includes seven non-voting members including a City Council member, the City Attorney, the Director of Finance, one Police representative, one Fire representative, one retiree representative and the Board Secretary. The retiree, police and fire representatives are elected for two year terms and the citizens are appointed by the City Council for three year terms, with a limit of two full terms.

Name Position Term Expires
cantrell, ed
retiree representative (non voting) 12/31/2016
carroll, paul
financial representative 4/30/2015*
carter, adam
fire employee representative (non-voting) 12/31/2014
cowherd, charles b.
attorney representative 4/30/2017
dorrell, grant
police employee representative (non-voting) 12/31/2014
gillette, james
actuarial representative 4/30/2016
hartman, joshua
financial representative, chairman 4/30/2017
hill, marilyn
medical representative 4/30/2016
hoffman, ron
retiree representative 12/31/2016
kelley, tony
fire employee representative 12/31/2016
krafve, gus
manley, janell
administrative director (non-voting)  
mannix-decker, mary
director of finance (non-voting)  
rushefsky, cynthia
city council representative (non-voting)  
steck, scott
police employee representative 12/31/2014
white, nikki
secretary (non-voting)  
wichmer, dan
city attorney (non-voting)  

* Eligible for Reappointment

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