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The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's honor roll of historic sites and districts. Properties listed in the National Register must be approved by the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the U.S. Department of the Interior. Sites and districts must possess integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association. Properties may be listed in the National Register because they are linked to important people or events and are historically significant or they may be listed because of their architectural significance.

National Register Listings

  • serves notice that the subject property is an important part of America's heritage;
  • guarantees a state- level review of the impact of any project executed, licensed or financially assisted by the federal government; and
  • makes the property owner eligible to apply for various financial incentives, e.g.:
    • federal tax credits in accordance with the Tax Reform Act of 1986, as amended, for certified rehabilitations of income-producing buildings;
    • federal Historic Preservation Fund grant-in-aid assistance, when available.
    • state tax credits for income-producing and owner-occupied property.

National Register designation does not:

  • require the owner of the property to provide public access;
  • obligate the owner to maintain the property or even to keep the historic structure from demolition; or
  • impose restrictive covenants of any kind unless grant assistance is accepted.


  • A written nomination is prepared.
  • The property is posted with a sign announcing the Landmarks Board's public hearing on the nomination. The property owner and the property owners within 185 feet are notified of the public hearing by mail.
  • The Landmarks Board makes a recommendation to City Council.
  • City council initiates the zoning case for the overlay zoning district of a historic landmark if they find the above information meets the criteria for a historic landmark.
  • The zoning case goes to Planning and Zoning Commission. The property is posted for the zoning hearing and the property owner and the property owners within 185 feet are notified in the mail about the public hearing.
  • Planning and Zoning Commission make a recommendation to City Council about the zoning case.
  • City Council holds a public hearing about the zoning case. The property is posted for the zoning hearing and the property owner and the property owners within 185 feet are notified in the mail about the public hearing.
  • City council votes on the zoning case. If they approve the case, the overlay zoning district of historic landmark is placed over the property on the City official zoning map.
  • The historic landmark overlay zoning ordinance places binding architectural review of any exterior alteration to the building and site. Demolition can be delayed by the Landmarks Board by 180 days and can be extended by City Council for another 120 days.

Springfield National Register Listings - Historic Sites

  1. Abou Ben Adhem Temple (Shrine Mosque), 601 St. Louis, listed 9/9/82
  2. Bentley House, 603 Calhoun, listed 11/14/80
  3. Benton Ave. AME Church, 830 Benton, listed 10/14/01
  4. Calaboose (Old Springfield City Jail), 409 W. McDaniel, listed 11/14/80
  5. Camp Manor Apartments, 423 E. Elm, listed 12/06/05
  6. Christ Episcopal Church, 601 E. Walnut, listed 3/26/87
  7. College Apartments, 408 E. Walnut, listed 5/1/03
  8. Day House, 614 South Avenue, listed 11/7/76
  9. Finkbiner Building, 509-13 W. Olive, listed 5/25/05
  10. Gillioz Theater, 325 Park Central East, listed 7/9/91
  11. Heers Building, 138 Park Central Sq., listed 10/24/02
  12. Henry Schneider Building, 600 College, listed 8/24/06
  13. Holland Building, 205 Park Central East, listed 11/15/00
  14. Hotel Sansone, 312 Park Central East, listed 5/5/00
  15. Jefferson Street Footbridge, Jefferson & Commercial, listed 9/2/03
  16. Keet-McElhany House, 435 E. Walnut, listed 3/22/84
  17. J.E. King Manufacturing Co. Bldg., 1350 St. Louis, listed 7/27/05
  18. Kite, Robert and Vita, Apartment Building, 769-71 South Ave., listed 1/28/04
  19. Landers Theater, 311 E. Walnut, listed 8/12/77
  20. Lincoln School, 815 N. Sherman, listed 5/31/00
  21. Marquette Hotel, 400 E. Walnut, listed 5/5/00
  22. Marx-Hurlburt Building, 311 Park Central East, listed 4/18/03
  23. Netter-Ullman Building, 317 Park Central East, listed 4/18/03
  24. D.M. Oberman Building, 600 Boonville, listed 4/18/02
  25. Ozark Rock Masonry Structures, various sites, listed 11/25/05
  26. Palace Hotel, 501 College, listed 1/27/02
  27. Pearl Apartments & Windsor Apartments, 728 & 722 S. Jefferson, listed 12/06/05
  28. St. John's Mercy Hospital Building, 620 W. Scott, listed 9/02/03
  29. Springfield Furniture Company, 601 N. National, listed 7/05/06
  30. Springfield Seed Company, 319 N. Main, listed 9/14/06
  31. Springfield National Cemetery, 1702 E. Seminole, listed 8/27/99
  32. Stone Chapel, Drury College, listed 10/21/82
  33. U.S. Customhouse and Post Office (City Hall), 830 Boonville, listed 6/27/79
  34. Wilhoit Building, 300-30 E. Pershing, listed 1/31/05
  35. Wilhoit House, 903 S. Weller, listed 12/23/04
  36. Wise Feed Company Building, 438-40 S. Campbell, listed 1/6/03

Springfield National Register Listings - Historic Districts

  1. Campbell Avenue Historic District, listed 6/25/99
  2. Commercial Street Historic District, listed 5/24/83
  3. Mid-Town Historic District, listed 7/13/89 see guidelines
  4. South Avenue Commercial Historic District, listed 6/25/99
  5. Walnut Street Commercial Historic District, listed 6/25/99
  6. Walnut Street Historic District, listed 3/21/85
  7. Warehouse and Industrial Historic District, listed 6/25/99

Springfield National Register Listings - Amendments to Districts

This section is designed to show amendments made to National Register Historic Districts. As of this printing, there are no amendments to display.

  1. Campbell Avenue Historic District
    • 318 S. Campbell, 322-326 S. Campbell, properties added (12/23/05)
  2. Commercial Street Historic District
    • 201 E. Commercial Street, Fire Station #2 (2/22/01)
    • 330 & 332 E. Commercial Street, contributing structures (2/28/02)
  3. Mid-Town National Historic District
    • Properties added (08/09/02)
  4. Walnut Street Historic District
    • 1000 & 1100 blocks E. Elm Street, properties removed (10/14/01)
    • Parts of the South Side, 700 & 800 Blocks E. Walnut, properties added (08/05/02)

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