Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda

October 31, 2013 - 6:30 p.m.


Matt Edwards (Chair), King Coltrin (Vice-Chair), Jay McClelland, Jim Hansen, Jason Ray, Gabrielle White, Phil Young, Tom Baird, IV, Shelby Lawhon

i. Roll Call

ii. Approval of Minutes october 3, 2013

iii. Communications

iv. Finalization and Approval of Consent Items

(These consent cases will be approved by Commission unless a Commissioner or someone else wished to speak to them. If so, those cases will be moved to the appropriate place on the agenda and they may be spoken to, and voted on, at that time.)

consent items:

  1. Blanca Roper1. Subdivision Variance 345
    (2027 E. Sunset Street)
  1. Glen44 Investments, LLC2. Relinquish Easement 796
    (3050 N. Kentwood Avenue)
  1. Springfield-Greene County Parks Dept3. Acquire 500
    (3326 N. Farm Road 143)
  1. City Utilities4. Acquire 501
    (215 W. Plainview Road)
  1. EMLOTT, LLC5. Brewery District Lofts Subdivision
    (500 blk W. Walnut Street & W. McDaniel Street)
  1. Cameron Wells6. Planned Development 271 Amended FDP
    (431 W. Bryant St.)

V. public hearings:

  1. Tan Bros, LLC & E & F Financial, Inc.7. Z-21-2013 w/Conditional Overlay District No. 65
    (634 East Bear Boulevard)
  1. Timmons Temple Church of God8. Planned Development 344
    (934 E. Webster Street)
  1. Greg Jacobs9. Conditional Use Permit 406
    (1543 West Republic Road)
  1. Joe Manzardo10. Energy Place Subdivision
    (3809 E. Energy Place)
  1. City of Springfield11. WC-1 Changes Zoning Text Amendment
    (College Street)
  1. City of Springfield12. Sidewalks, Traffic Studies, FAR & ROW Zoning & Subdivision Text Amendment


vi. adjourn


Any Other Matters Under Commission Jurisdiction

For items for which the public may speak, the Commission Chairperson will invite anyone who wishes to speak to an item after staff makes its presentation. When you address Commission, please step to the microphone at the podium and state you name and address. All meetings are televised live and tape recorded. Please limit your remarks to five (5) minutes unless Commission allows a longer time. In accordance with ADA guidelines, if you need special accommodations when attending any City meeting, please notify the city Clerk's Office at 417-864-1443 at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting.

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