Minutes for the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission

Date: April 15, 2010
Time: 6:30 P.M.

The regular meeting and public hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission was held on the above date and time in City Council Chambers, third floor of City Hall with the following members and personnel in attendance: Jack Wheeler, Chair; Phil Young; Gloria Roling; Thomas Baird, IV; King Coltrin; Jay McClelland; Matthew Edwards; Mike MacPherson, Principal Planner, Planning and Development; Ralph Rognstad, Director of Planning and Development; Randall Whitman, Senior Planner, Planning and Development; Marianne Banks, Assistant City Attorney. ABSENT: Shelby Lawhon; Jim Hansen.


Mr. Macpherson said that the minutes of the April 1, 2010, meeting note that he stated that there is a bulk-plane requirement in the HM zoning district, but in fact there is no such requirement. The commissioners had no questions or comments on this topic, and the minutes, as submitted, were then approved unanimously.


Mr. MacPherson said that an applicant had requested that Item #1, Use Permit 387, be tabled until the April 29 Commission meeting. In response to a question from Mr. Wheeler, Mr. MacPherson said that when the case returns to the Commission, it will likely have “substantial changes.”

(These consent cases will be approved by Commission unless a Commissioner or someone else wishes to speak to them.  If so, those cases will be moved to the appropriate place on the agenda and they may be spoken to, and voted on, at that time.)   




1.     UP 387                                                             Metropolis Holding Company, LLC
        (314 E. Olive)

The above item was tabled at the applicant's request. see the COMMUNICATIONS section above for details.


2.     Habitat for Humanity                                        Habitat for Humanity
          (3126 West Chestnut Street)

Mr. Macpherson said that the applicant was seeking approval of a preliminary plat to subdivide 1.62 acres into a six-lot residential subdivision and was asking for a subdivision variance for a right-of-way width of less than fifty feet and for a lack of corner triangles or radii.

Mr. Macpherson said that “Public Works/Traffic has reviewed both of these subdivision variance requests and recommends approval”.

Mr. Wheeler opened the public hearing.

Representing the applicant, Rick Stalzer, 2104 S. 20th Ave., Ozark, Mo., entertained questions from the Commission. There were no questions and no other speakers, so Mr. Wheeler closed the public hearing.

Mr. Coltrin mentioned that was no screening shown on the drawing of the plat. Mr. Rognstad replied that there was no requirement in the subdivision regulations for screening along a street right-of-way. 

Mr. Wheeler said that he thought the proposal was a good infill project.

Edwards made a motion to approve the preliminary plat of Habitat for Humanity Subdivision.  McClelland seconded the motion. Motion carried as follows: AYES: Wheeler, Roling, Young, Baird, McClelland, Coltrin, Edwards; NAYS: None; ABSTAIN: None; ABSENT: Hansen, Lawhon.


3.     OTC Master Plan                                                       City staff
        (OTC Springfield campus)

At this point, Mr. Young left the meeting.

Mr. Wheeler opened the public hearing. Rob Rector, 1001 E. Chestnut Expressway, gave some background information on the plan and on OTC. He said the campus opened in 1991 and that it currently had an enrollment of 9,000 students on a campus designed for 6,000. He said that the campus was basically at capacity both in terms of attendance and on-site parking. The plan being submitted would allow for expansion of the campus’s physical footprint and “enhance multiple areas of the main campus and the institution as a whole.”

Randall Whitman said that the plan will provide for “a new growth boundary” for the Springfield campus. He described some of the plans for the expansion areas designated as such on Figure 8 of the plan document. He said there would be improvements to Central Street and Pythian Street and also to Jordan Creek and Jordan Creek Trail.

Mr. Wheeler asked about the Jordan Creek trail. Mr. Whitman assured him that it would be allowed to extend through the subject property.

Mr. McClelland asked if the applicant planned to help relocate persons whose homes would be affected by the expansion. Mr. Rector said OTC would be helping persons displaced by OTC expansion to relocate into homes that would be “affordable” and “will allow them to meet the standards of living that they are currently meeting.” Mr. Whitman added that the current residents would be able to continue to living where they were until “the college can negotiate the purchase and have a plan to actually build something.”

Greg Williams, 1032 W. Ward Parkway, said that as Springfield grows it puts more demand on its institutions of higher education. He said OTC “delivers outstanding workforce training and development programs” and helps the Chamber of Commerce sell the Springfield area to prospective businesses. He said he and his organization recommended acceptance of the plan. 

Joe Jenkins, 1902 S. FR 193, said that many of the workers at “St. John’s and Cox have been trained at OTC.” He said he hoped the Commission would “look favorably on [the plan’s] acceptance as presented.”

Paula Adams, 4875 S. Landon Ct, said she worked for PENMAC and she said the training provided by OTC has helped her “in filling the job needs in the community.” She said she would like to “encourage your support of the recommended zoning changes that will allow their master plan to be implemented.”

Bill Owen, 5115 N. FR 185, said that when institutions such as OTC are allowed to prosper it revitalizes the neighborhoods around the institutions.

Mr. Wheeler closed the public hearing.

Mr. Edwards said he planned to vote affirmatively. Mr. Wheeler said he thought that OTC has helped bring quality jobs to southwest Missouri, and he was very impressed with the Master Plan under discussion.

Roling moved for approval of the master plan for Ozarks Technical Community College. Edwards seconded the motion. Motion carried as follows: AYES: Wheeler, Coltrin, McClelland, Baird, Edwards, Roling; NAYS: None; ABSTAIN: None; ABSENT: Hansen, Lawhon, Young.


There being no other business before the Commission, Mr. Wheeler adjourned the meeting at approximately 7:06 p.m.



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