Minutes for the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission

Date: May 12, 2011
Time: 6:30 P.M.

The regular meeting and public hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission was held on the above date and time in City Council Chambers, third floor of City Hall with the following members and personnel in attendance: Shelby Lawhon, Chair; Matthew Edwards, Vice Chair; Thomas Baird, IV; Gloria Roling; Jason Ray; Phil Young; Jay McClelland; Jim Hansen; King Coltrin; Ralph Rognstad, Director, Planning and Development; Mike MacPherson, Principal Planner, Planning and Development; Thomas Rykowski, Assistant City Attorney; Paula Brookshire, Public Works; Cody Marshall, Public Works; Diane Showerman, Planning and Development.


The minutes of the April 14, 2011, Commission meeting were approved unanimously.


Mr. MacPherson Mr. MacPherson stated proposals Planned Development 338 and Preliminary Plat Ironbridge VII are with the same applicant, Martin Property Management, and requested the hearing and discussion for these proposals be combined.

(These consent cases will be approved by Commission unless a Commissioner or someone else wishes to speak to them.  If so, those cases will be moved to the appropriate place on the agenda and they may be spoken to, and voted on, at that time.)    

  1. Relinquish Easement 763                                   Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, LLC
    (500 W. Sunshine and 1935 S. Campbell)

Mr. Ray motion to table Relinquish Easement 763 to the June 9th meeting.  Mr. McClelland seconded the motion.  Motion carried as follows:  AYES: Baird, Coltrin, Edwards, Hansen, Lawhon, McClelland; Ray; Roling, and Young.  NAYS: None.  ABSENT: None.  ABSTAIN:  None.



2.  Z-06-2011                                    Mark Jones/Majic Painting & Wallpaper
    (1503 N. Grant)

Mr. MacPherson stated the purpose of this request is to rezone approximately .17 acres generally located at 1503 N Grant Avenue from a Residential Medium Density Multi-Family Residential District to a Limited Business District.  This facility is located at the intersection of Grant and Division Streets which is a former filling station.  The Staff findings are the proposed zoning change would not cause a significant increase in number of vehicle trips generated by the site.  The Limited Business District is intended to provide convenience goods or personal services mainly to people residing in adjacent residential areas.  The Zoning Ordinance states that the District should be located along or at the intersection of collector or higher classified streets, and both Grant and Division streets are primary arterials.  The condition for development will provide the city with additional right-of-ways, a sight triangle, and improved access management through the closure of two driveways.  The conditions are as follows:  ten (10) ft right of way on Grant, ten (10) ft right of way on Division, and both are “irrevocable consent to dedicate,” if and when that becomes necessary; a thirty ft by thirty ft sight triangle is dedicated at the intersection of Grant and Division; driveway on Grant and east driveway on Division are closed; and sidewalk and curb-and-gutter are restored across the driveways that are closed.  The zoning is not effective until those conditions would be met. Staff is recommending approval of this request.

Mr. Lawhon opened the Public Hearing.

The applicant, Mark Jones, 1515 N Grant, said he is available for questions. 

Mr. Hansen asked Mr. Jones if he had ideas on how he was going to utilize the property.  Mr. Jones responded that he would like to make it an income generating property.  The building has been vacant for years, in the process of rehabbing the facility, property has been blighted, and trying to get some of his money back.  Mr. Jones stated they had a neighborhood meeting, inviting neighbors within 500’ list; 95 letters were sent, five (5) neighbors showed. Mr. Jones said all who showed were supportive of Mr. Jones.

Mr. McClelland asked Mr. Jones if there were any problems with the EPA with underground gas tanks on the property.  Mr. Jones stated there are no problems and has the closure report which was completed long before Mr. Jones purchased the property.

Mr. Edwards commended Mr. Jones for his efforts in helping out that specific area of town.

Mr. Jones said he appreciated Staff’s hard work in trying to work around Ordinances which are in place. Mr. Jones continued that this small property is being held ransom, having to give up an irrevocable right to dedicate 25% of his property before he can do anything with it.  Mr. Jones said he realizes it’s legal but doesn’t believe it is right.

Mr. Lawhon thanked Mr. Jones, and as no other speakers came forth, closed the Public Hearing.

Mr. Baird asked Staff since this property used to be a filling station, how did it obtain the current Residential Medium Density District zoning.  Mr. Rognstad stated it had been zoned that way for several years.  Mr. Baird asked if there were similar properties such as other old filling stations that still zoned for something different.  Mr. Rognstad responded there are many old commercial properties in single family areas in some of the older neighborhoods; some had been developed before zoning was in place.  Mr. Baird and Mr. Rognstad continued discussion.

McClelland motioned to approve Z-06-2011.  Ms. Roling seconded the motion.  Motion carried as follows:  AYES: Baird, Coltrin, Edwards, Hansen, Lawhon, McClelland; Ray; Roling, and Young.  NAYS: None.  ABSENT: None.  ABSTAIN: None.

PD and Preliminary Plat:

3.    Planned Development 338                                               Martin Property Management, LLC
       (1145 E. Lakewood)

6.    Ironbridge Phase 12                                               Martin Property Management, LLC
       (W. side, 4800-5100 blocks S. Natonal)

Mr. MacPherson introduced this proposal stating the purpose is to rezone 2.58 acres of property generally located at 1145 E Lakewood to from PD 306 to PD 338.  Applicant is proposing to rezone a portion of PD 306 on the acreage to a new PD to add an Alzheimer-Memory Care facility as permitted. 

Preliminary Plat Ironbridge VII is a request by Martin Property Management for the proposed Alzheimer facility as well as some other lots that will not yet be developed at this time. The remainders of the issues are in conformance and meet all standards of Public Works and other standards for Preliminary Plats.

Mr. MacPherson said application is consistent with intent of existing PD and is not expected to have any adverse impacts.  All requirements for intensity of use, bufferyards, open space and signage will remain.  Applicant held a neighborhood meeting in April 2011, speaking with the neighborhood association, Ironbridge Neighborhood Association.  Mr. MacPherson said comments of that meeting are included in Commission’s packets.  The Association would like to see the applicant’s design materials to include stone and/or brick as they are the primary use of materials within their neighborhood.  The existing PD doesn’t have material requirements. Mr. MacPherson continued the Association also requested a shadow box type of fence, and the development would require a six foot high fence and 25’ bufferyard behind that fence.  Staff findings are the application is consistent with the intent of the existing PD and is not expected to have any adverse impact.  One impact would be access onto National; access is limited to a cross access from the bank located on the corner of National and Lakewood.  The main access would be taken off of Lakewood.  All requirements for intensity of use including bufferyards, open space, and signage will remain. Staff is recommending approval of this request. 

Mr. Hansen, referring to Preliminary Plat Ironbridge Phase VII, asked Staff how hard it would be to steer the stormwater to the intended detention.  Mr. Marshall, Public Works Stormwater Division said there is a regional basin to the southwest of the property.  Mr. Marshall continued that the applicant submitted a Public Improvement Plan to channelize water which will drain toward the basin, located on an adjacent property. Mr. Hansen asked if a bufferyard was required along the Westside of the boundary.  Mr. Marshall stated it is required.

Ms. Roling asked if the detention located on the adjacent property is owned by a different property owner other than the applicant and asked if there is a maintenance agreement shared between those two property owners.  Mr. Marshall stated that it is a part of a common area for a previous phase of the subdivision, maintained by a homeowners’ or property owners’ type of association.

Mr. Rognstad stated the bufferyard is along the edge and as it goes further south, the applicant would provide the plantings on the inside of the drainage.  Mr. Rognstad, referring to the PowerPoint presentation, stated there wasn’t a drainage ditch at the particular location but a pointed to a collection basin.  Mr. Marshall said it was a water quality basin.  Discussion continued between Mr. Rognstad, Mr. Marshall, and Mr. Hansen.

Ms. Roling asked if the additional fire hydrants would be installed when infrastructure is put in place is provided by the City of the developer.  Mr. Rognstad stated the developer would provide those fire hydrants.

Mr. Lawhon opened the Public Hearing.

Greg Elmore of Lenity Group representing the developer JEA spoke in favor of this proposal.  Mr. Elmore shared that Lenity Group has been in this business for 17 plus year and has over 350 facilities over the US and Canada and Europe.  Mr. Elmore continued they provide memory care, skilled nursing up through independent living.  Mr. Elmore said this particular project is a 66 bed memory care facility with 24 hour care under supervised nursing and shared about the amenities of the facility. Mr. Elmore said they visited with neighbors and adjacent residents and that everyone in the neighborhood seemed to be in agreement with the use of this facility, and are “dialing in” to the architectural portion of the plans, and are willing to work together with the designer.  Mr. Elmore stated the neighbors asked to relocate the trash enclosure and have agreed to relocate it, and they asked to have developer enhance landscape buffer and have agreed to do that as well, referring to his PowerPoint presentation. Mr. Elmore shared JEA keeps their portfolios, not turning them over and will provide 25-40 full time jobs to the Springfield economy. Mr. Elmore noted in case of emergencies, with procedures approved by fire marshals, seniors would be locked down under emergencies with a failsafe general alarm.  Mr. Elmore said windows would only be 24” above the finished floor so residents couldn’t climb out. Mr. Elmore said there would be a six foot fence along the western property line. Elmore stated they have worked diligently with the Association to resolve issues of their concern and have gone above and beyond what they have done for other facilities.

An opportunity was given for citizens to express their views.

Vi Nichol, 4769 S Ironbridge, President of Ironbridge Homeowners Association, spoke in neutral of the proposal.  Ms. Nichol presented photographs of businesses in the area, noting all homes in the neighborhood are brick and stone with the exception of one.  Ms. Nichol stated the amount of stucco on the proposed structure was of concern to the Association, requesting more brick and stone.  Ms. Nichol continued she is concerned with drainage because of it backing into some of the homes within the association.  Ms. Nichol said she is also concerned with parking, lighting, and to for property values to be maintained.

Neil Fossnight, representative for Olsson Associates spoke in favor of the Preliminary Plat for this proposal.

With no further appearances, the Public Hearing was closed.

Mr. Rognstad stated there are no design standards in the existing planned development; the agreement is between neighbors.

With no further questions, the discussion was closed.

Coltrin motioned to approve Planned Development 338 with the amendment of a six (6) foot privacy fence required on the western property line and Preliminary Plat Ironbridge Phase VII.  Roling seconded the motion.  Motion carried as follows:  AYES: Baird, Coltrin, Edwards, Hansen, Lawhon, McClelland; Ray; Roling, and Young.  NAYS: None. ABSENT: None.  ABSTAIN: None.


4.     Neighborhood Meeting amendment                                               Planning staf

Hansen motioned to table Neighborhood Meeting Text Amendment to the August 4, 2011 meeting.  Edwards seconded the motion.  Motion carried as follows:  AYES: Baird, Coltrin, Edwards, Hansen, Lawhon, McClelland; Ray; Roling, and Young.  NAYS: None. ABSENT: None.   ABSTAIN: None.


5.    Half a Hill                                                        Half a Hill Investments, LLC
      (3800 E. Battlefield)

Mr. MacPherson stated the applicant is seeking to establish a Master Sign Plan which will allow the existing sign to be relocated in order to increase customer visibility with the current intersection configuration.  The main intent of the Master Sign Plan is provide clarity of communications regarding tenants and services to users of the premise or building group.  The existing sign was erected in 1983 and is no longer functional due to a realignment of the intersection.  The proposed relocation is consistent with existing signage in place at adjacent property owner locations.  The relocation of the current sign would place it within 300’ of the existing signal sign and the applicant is requesting a waiver of the distance requirement between signs and submits the relocated sign will provide a positive impact in terms of visibility, public safety, and general welfare of the public as contrasted with compliance with just the distance requirement numbers alone.  Staff agrees and has recommended approval of this request and submits it does meet the requirements. 

Hansen said he is concerned with the distance between signs and signal signage and if it would be too close for permitting.

Staff met with Building Development Services and Public Works, Traffic to ensure signage would not create any issues with regard to intersection, in sight, triangles, and vision and safe turning.  Both departments have indicated proposal in either of the choices offered in the three areas within the conceptual plan is acceptable, which is in addition to the existing signal sign.

Young, referring to picture six in the packet showing three signs with three different sites, and requested clarification if there are three signs to be erected or is just the base,  Mr. MacPherson responded that the sites listed are showing the different choices from which the applicant will choose one.

An opportunity was given for the applicant and/or their representative to speak. 

Mark Frees, Commercial Property Manager for the Wooten Company which manages the proposed property, spoke in favor of this proposal. 
An opportunity was given for the citizens to express their views.  With no further appearances, the Public Hearing was closed.

Roling made a motion to approve Master Sign Plan Half-a-Hill.  McClelland seconded the motion.  Motion carried as follows:  AYES: Baird, Coltrin, Edwards, Hansen, Lawhon, McClelland; Ray; Roling, and Young.  NAYS: None.  ABSENT: None.  ABSTAIN:  None.


7.     Westwood Hills, 3rd Addition                                               Hoppy, LLC
       (W. side, 900 block of S. West Bypass)

Mr. MacPherson stated the applicant proposes to subdivide 30 acres into a 28 lot subdivision, lots 1-27 would be for single family residential development and lot 28 would be for commercial development as permitted by approved Zoning Case Z-02-2007.  This request is a plat to renew the Preliminary Plat which was approved by City Council on May 21, 2007 and renewed on June 1, 2009.  The applicant’s proposal is consistent with the City’s regulations and if approved, the preliminary plat would remain active for two (2) years. All City departments supported the proposed subdivision as shown with conditions.  The applicant has removed the roundabout which was proposed in the plate in 2007 and replaced it with a four-way intersection.  Staff is supportive of the minor revision to the preliminary plat removal.  A subdivision variance to allow driveway access to a collector street on Kay Point Boulevard was also approved by the Planning Commission in 2007.  This application would require connectivity of Kay Point Boulevard to Suburban Street which would provide connectivity up to Mt. Vernon Street to the north and Orchard Crest to the west.  The commercial lot would require an extension of Grant Street to serve that particular lot.  This renewal would be valid for two years, other than the roundabout, the plat remains the same.  Staff recommends approval of this application. 

Hansen asked for clarification on the connection to Grant Street, asking if the connection would be required unless/until the commercial lot was developed.  Mr. MacPherson confirmed.

Coltrin asked if this plat was “caught” in a declining economy, asking if the City has given consideration to providing a longer period for a preliminary plat to remain active for the two years until the economy turns around.  Mr. MacPherson stated no policy changes have been made to date.  Mr. Rognstad said it’s cheaper to do a renewal than to allow it expires.

Hansen asked why a roundabout was originally installed.  Mr. Rognstad it is a traffic calming option. 

An opportunity was given for citizens to express their views.

Neil Fossnight, representative for Olsson Associates spoke in favor of the Preliminary Plat for this proposal.

Having no other speakers, the Public Hearing was closed.

Ray motioned to approve Preliminary Plat Westwood Hills 3rd Additional Renewal.  Seconded by Edwards.  Motion carried as follows:  AYES:  Baird, Coltrin, Edwards, Hansen, Lawhon, McClelland; Ray; Roling, and Young.  NAYS:  None.  ABSENT: None.  ABSTAIN:  None.


There being no other items of discussion, Mr. Lawhon adjourned the meeting at approximately 7:53 p.m. 




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