EPA Grants

EPA's Brownfields Program provides direct funding for brownfields assessment, cleanup, revolving loans, and environmental job training. To facilitate the leveraging of public resources, EPA's Brownfields Program collaborates with other EPA programs, other federal partners, and state agencies to identify and make available resources that can be used for brownfields activities. In addition to direct brownfields funding, EPA also provides technical information on brownfields financing matters.

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West Meadows Site 5 Cleanup Grant $200,000 West Meadows Site 6 Cleanup Grant $200,000 West Meadows Site 7 Cleanup Grant $200,000
EPA Brownfields Grants Received by Springfield
Year Grant Amount
2013 Revolving Loan Fund Supplanted Funding $600,000
2013 Hazardous and Petroleum Assessment Grant $400,000
2011 Cleanup Grant, West Meadows Site #7 - ARRA $200,000
2011 Cleanup Grant, West Meadows Site #6 - ARRA $200,000
2011 Cleanup Grant, West Meadows Site #5 - ARRA $200,000
2009 Cleanup Grant, West Meadows Site #4 - ARRA $200,000
2009 Petroleum Assessment - ARRA $200,000
2009 Hazardous Substance - ARRA $200,000
2009 Revolving Loan Fund - ARRA $510,000
2008-2011 Hazardous Substance Cleanup, West Meadows Site #1 $200,000
2007-2012 Revolving Loan Fund (Ongoing) - Environmental Cleanup $1,000,000
2007-2010 Hazardous Substances Assessment (Ongoing) $200,000
2006-2009 Petroleum Assessment (Ongoing) $200,000
2004-2006 Hazardous Substances Assessment (Completed) $150,000
2004-2006 Petroleum Assessment (Completed) $150,000
2003-2005 Hazardous Substances Assessment (Completed) $150,000
1999-2002 Hazardous Substances Assessment Pilot (Completed) $200,000
  Total Funds Received to Date: $3,960,000

EPA Brownfields Targeted Assessments
Year Application
2009-2010 West Meadows Area Deep Bedrock Testing
2009-2010 Former Airport Terminal
2009-2010 21 Jordan Creek area assessments for Corp of Engineers Stormwater Project
2008 West Meadows
2007 Meeks Lumber
2004-2005 Former Manufactured Gas Plant Residues

EPA Regions

epa regions map of the united states

EPA administers it's Brownfields grant program through 10 EPA Regions. Springfield is in Region 7, which includes Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Region 7 headquarters is located in Kansas City, Kansas.

These federal grants are competitive on a nationwide basis and do not differentiate size of the municipal applicant. The City of Springfield has successfully competed and won three EPA Brownfield grants since 1999.

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