Jordan Valley Resource Day

Jordan Valley Resource Day is hosted by the City of Springfield periodically to summarize progress and development.

Governmental agencies come together to review progress in Jordan Valley and collaborate on the future vision for redevelopment of Center City and creation of the park. Discussion focuses on:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Economic Impact
  • Project Funding
  • Project Timing
  • Vision 20/20 Continued Implementation


photo: doctor michael nietzel speaks from a podium

Dr. Michael Nietzel with Missouri State University gave the keynote speech at Resource Day 2008 as he discussed the vision for the future IDEA Commons surrounding the Roy Blunt JVIC in Jordan Valley.

photo: shawn askinosie gives a tour of his chocolate factory

The Askanosie chocolate factory was a highlight of the Center City progress tour during Resource Day 2008.

photo: several people looking at future west meadows area from parking deck

Participants get a birds eye view of the future West Meadows, Brick City, and College Station Theater projects from the College Station Parking deck.

photo: Mary Lilly Smith interacts with a lady

Resource Day gives participants a chance to interact with one another.

photo: resource day attendees sit as a group at the Discovery Center

Resource Day 2006 began at the Discovery Center in the new green building where a panel discussion on investor confidence prepared attendees for a tour of Center City development projects.

photo: resource day attendees sit as a group at the Discovery Center

Resource Day 2005 at Butler Rosenbury

planning and developement; photo: old m f a building and silos planning and development home

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