Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
with Visual Asbestos Survey

exterior photo of old, vacant, reflective building with blue wooden door

400 & 400 1/2 E. Commercial St.

Date of Report: April 24, 2009
Assessment Funding: EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant
Acres: 0.05

Site Background

Environmental Works, Inc. conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the property located at 400 and 400 ½ E. Commercial Street, which is located in central Springfield. The subject property currently consists of a two-story building with a one-story building attached to the south portion. The north portion of the Site is currently utilized as a bar, has been developed since the early 1880’s and was previously occupied by numerous commercial businesses such as a sandwich shop, various other bars, restaurants, an union hall, tobacco and liquor stores, towel and linen supply company, real estate offices, insurance agencies and a bank. The south portion of the Site has been developed since 1950 and has been utilized for residential and commercial purposes including storage, a coffee shop, barber shops, café, a store and a restaurant. Prior to 1950, this portion of the Site was undeveloped land and may have been part of Blaine Street in approximately 1902. In 1884, the subject property consisted of a lunch house and undeveloped land.


The Phase I ESA did not identify any evidence of recognized environmental conditions for the subject property.

Suspect ACMs observed at the Site include textured paint, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl floor tile and plaster. Should renovation or demolition be planned, sampling and analysis of those materials would be necessary in order to determine the asbestos content of these items, if any.

planning and developement; photo: old m f a building and silos planning and development home

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