Approved 1/4¢ Capital Improvements Program
2004-2007 $24,700,000

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Project Title Project Costs
Traffic Improvements  
Fremont Avenue Widening
(Downing to Seminole)
Jefferson Avenue Widening
(Seminole to Sunshine)
National and Primrose Intersection Improvement 3,000,000
National Avenue Corridor
(Continuation of Design & Partial ROW Acquisitions)
National Avenue Widening Phase 1
(Norton to Jean)
Republic Road (Charleston to Weller) 1,250,000
Walnut Lawn Street Widening Phase 3
(Parkhill to Kansas Expressway)
Design and Partial ROW Acquisitions
  • Cherry Street (Glenstone to Barnes)
  • Seminole (Campbell to National)
  • Sunshine at Fremont
  • Sunshine at Fort
Metro/Safety Signs and Markings 100,000
Street Stabilization and MajorRepaving 2,250,000
Road Concept Design 175,000
Developer/Grant/County Matching Funds Projects 1,900,000
Sidewalk Reconstruction/Ramp and $2,000,000
School Sidewalk Program
Traffic Signal/Traffic Calming Program 1,200,000
Total $18,000,000
Neighborhood Improvements  
Targeted Neighborhood Program $1,600,000
Dangerous Boarded Buildings ($275,000 a year
to maintain the $600,000 Resolving Fund)
Neighborhood Initiative Implementation ($150,000
a year to implement recommendations)
Housing Development 325,000
Park Reforestation and Community Tree and
Landscaping Improvements
Total $2,200,000
Center City Improvements  
Center City Development (Matched w/CDBG Funds) $900,000
Center City Improvements (including Jefferson and
Campbell Two-way Design)
Total $2,400,000

General Project list

Park Improvements

  • Greene County Parks
  • Greenway Design and Development Program
  • Greenway Development - South Dry Sac River
  • Greenway Development - Upper Wilsons Creek
  • Greenway Development Jordan Creek Greenway - Phase II
  • Greenway Development With Trail - Ward Branch
  • Greenway Land Acquisition
  • Jordan Valley Park - Land Acquisition
  • Nathanael Greene Park Development - Greene County Extension Service Facility
  • Park and Greenway Development
  • Park Improvements Program - Historic Parks
  • Park Land Acquisition
  • Park Reforestation and Irrigation Program
  • South Creek In-Fill (Phase IV)
  • Springfield Skate Park

New Parks

  • James River Oxbow Natural Resource Area
  • Lake Springfield Metropolitan Community Park - Development
  • Lost Hill Natural Resource Area - Land Acquisition
  • Park and Greenway Land Acquisition
  • School Parks - Park and Development
  • Valley Water Mill Metropolitan Community Park - Land Acquisition


  • Dickerson Park Zoo Master Plan
  • Otter Exhibit Improvements
  • Zoo Playground Improvements
  • Oscar Blom Golf Course Improvements

Targeted Neighborhood Programs

  • Housing Development
  • Minor Neighborhood Improvements
  • Neighborhood Initiative
  • Targeted Neighborhood Program - Dangerous/Boarded Buildings
  • Targeted Neighborhood Program - Neighborhood Assessment Projects
  • Targeted Neighborhood Programs

Municipal Buildings and Grounds

  • Art Museum Addition - Southwest Wing/HVAC Updates
  • Community Tree and Landscaping Improvements
  • Creamery Building Renovation
  • Government Plaza Municipal Parking / Landscape Improvements Phase One
  • Municipal Facilities Improvements
  • Police Headquarters Expansion and Remodeling - Phase I
  • Property Acquisition to Implement Vision 20/20 Recommendations
  • Public Works Operations Center Improvements - Phase I, II, and III
  • Public Works Operations Complex - Expansion Area Acquisition
  • Regional Police/Fire Training Facility - Phase I

Fire Stations

  • Land Acquisition for Future Fire Stations
  • Southeast Fire Station Development - Blackman Road

Solid Waste Facilities

  • Converting Landfill Gas to Energy Feasibility Study
  • Equipment Maintenance Facility
  • Final Cover System-Noble Hill Cell 1
  • Fulbright/Sac River Landfills Closure Improvements
  • Landfill Buffer Land Acquisition
  • Landfill Compound Area Liner and Leachate Collection System
  • Landfill Stormwater Wetland
  • Leachate Conveyance Line Extension/Replacement
  • Noble Hill Cell 1 Landfill Gas Control System - Phases II and III
  • North Ravine Area Landfill Closure - Phase I
  • Upgrade Yardwaste Recycling Center

Special Facilities

  • Baseball Stadium - Jordan Valley Park
  • Center City Parking
  • Multi-Purpose Arena - Jordan Valley Park
  • Partnership Industrial Center Development
  • Partnership Industrial Center West Development
  • Railroad Relocation and Grade Separation Study
  • Salt Storage Facility
  • Surface Parking Facilities - Jordan Valley Park


  • Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility Relocation
  • Airport Environmental Assessment Study
  • Airport Fuel Farm Expansion
  • Airport Land Acquisition Program
  • Airport Security Enhancements
  • General Aviation Access Taxiways
  • General Aviation Development
  • Mid-Field Terminal Development
  • Ozark Airport - Land Acquisition and Development


  • Government Access Channel Studio Facilities
  • Institutional Communications Network

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