2000-2004 1/8¢ Transportation Projects

all projects, completed as promised

Intersection Improvements

  • Glenstone Avenue at Sunshine Street
  • Glenstone Avenue at Chestnut Expressway
  • Glenstone Avenue at Division Street
  • Glenstone Avenue at Kearney Street
  • Kansas Expressway at Kearney Street
  • Kansas Expressway at Chestnut Expressway
  • Kansas Expressway at Sunshine Street
  • Kansas Expressway at Battlefield Road

In addition, the area of South Glenstone Avenue and James River Freeway began to be addressed with design and partial right-of-way acquisition.

Traffic Management Improvements

  • Access management
  • Transit turnouts
  • Intelligent transportation system projects


Economic development issues were met with funds set aside for transportation and parking improvements where state, federal and/or developer funds were available to share expenses and meet economic development priorities.

surveyor with equipment at construction site public works engineering home

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