1996-2000 1/8¢ Transportation Projects

all projects, completed as promised

Battlefield Road and Campbell Avenue Intersection

The addition of dual left turn lanes in all four directions of this intersection, as well as separate, extended right turn lanes, significantly improved the traffic flow. Work included reconstruction of the medians and the addition of new traffic signals.

Battlefield Road and National Avenue Intersection

This intersection was enhanced with the addition of dual left turn lanes in all four directions. The construction included separate, extended right turn lanes, reconstruction of the median, and the addition of new traffic signals-plus storm water improvements.

West Bypass extension from Sunshine Street to James River Freeway

Construction on this section of West Bypass extends the West Bypass south from Sunshine Street to the James River Freeway. This project includes the creation of four traffic lanes with a raised median, the installation of traffic signals, and all necessary storm water improvements.

West Bypass widening between Chestnut Expressway and Sunshine Street

Drivers are enjoying the changes here, including construction of four traffic lanes and a raised median. This also gave us two new, wider bridges and the additions of traffic signals and storm water improvements.

West Bypass widening between Kearney Street and Chestnut Expressway

This section of the West Bypass is currently seeing major changes to improve the middle overhead railroad bridge. This sets the stage for the eventual construction of a five-lane roadway. When all the work is completed, we will have removed the south and north railroad bridges and replaced the middle bridge. This will provide the necessary height clearance for trucks, and storm water improvements for future widening of the Bypass.

Chestnut Expressway widening between Lullwood and College Street

This project will widen Chestnut Expressway to five lanes between Lullwood and College Street, modify traffic signals and add guttering, curbs, and needed storm water improvements.

Sunshine and US Highway 65 Interchange

This major construction project will greatly increase the capacity of the Sunshine/US Highway 65 Interchange. Elements of the project include reducing the number of traffic signals, relocating outer roads and improving on-/off-ramp traffic flow. Construction on this project is being completed in stages to lessen the impact to drivers using these roadways.

Eastgate and Ingram Mill - Phase 1
Highway 65 interchange - Phase 2

Battlefield Road and Glenstone Avenue Intersection

To improve traffic flow at this intersection, dual left turn lanes were constructed and new traffic signals added. A separate, extended right turn lane was added along Battlefield Road west of Glenstone Avenue for cars turning into/accessing Battlefield Mall.

Norton Road widening (Kansas Expressway to Dickerson Park Zoo entrance) and Kansas Expressway/Norton Intersection

This completed the widening of Norton Road from east of Grant Avenue to Kansas Expressway. We now have three lanes with storm water improvements, sidewalks, and street lighting. At the Kansas Expressway/Norton intersection, right turn lanes and dual left turn lanes were added.

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