Temporary Tents

Building Permit Requirements

The Building Code and Zoning Ordinance contain regulations governing the erection of tents larger than 120 square feet in area for more than 10 people. Therefore, a building permit is required for any tent exceeding these limitations prior to the tent's placement.

Applicable Codes & Regulations

All work performed must be in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance, the Building Code (Section 3103), and all other applicable laws and ordinances.
Contact the Department of Building Development Services 864-1059

Permit Application Process

Complete an application for a permit and submit three copies of plans for review, to the Department of Building Development Services. The permit fee shall be due when the permit application has been approved. The application and plans shall include the following information:

  1. Permit Application. Complete applicable portions, including section entitled "Other", indicating:
    1. Intended use
    2. Date of erection
    3. Date(s) of occupancy
    4. Date tent will be dismantled

      Note: Tents erected for a period of 180 days or longer shall be reviewed as permanent structures and shall meet compliance as such with all applicable portions of the Building Code and Zoning Ordinance.

  2. Plot Plan - Drawn to scale showing:
    1. Size of tent
    2. Distances to other structures
    3. Location on the property
  3. Additional Requirements
    1. Fabric flame resistance certificate
    2. Staking/tie-down information
    3. Seating layout, aisle widths, path of travel and other requirements as applicable, per the Building Code

Permit Approval

Our department will review the application. If we have any questions or comments, we will contact the person listed on the application. Upon receipt of the necessary approvals, the permit staff will notify the applicant that the permit is ready and the permit fee of $100.00 will be due.

Tent Requirements

  1. All tents shall be erected in accordance with the approved plans, the Zoning Ordinance, Building Code, and other applicable ordinances.
  2. The permit will expire after the date stated for dismantling of the tent.
  3. Inspections are required with a 24-hour minimum notice. Contact the Department of Building Development Services- Inspection request at 864-1066

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