Charter: Article XVI
Board of Public Utilities (cont.)

Section 16.7. Powers

The said board of directors shall have all the powers necessary, desirable, or convenient to manage, control, and operate such public utilities, and by way of description but not of limitation, the board shall have the power to hire such persons in the manner herein provided as are necessary to operate the said utilities to agree upon or provide for the terms of their compensation to discharge the same, to purchase operating supplies and equipment, to provide for the extension and improvement of the property, to enter into contracts with other public and private utilities for the purchase of their product or the sale thereto, and do all things needful for the successful operation of said utilities except as hereinafter limited.

Section 16.8. Budget provision

Not less than 30 days prior to the end of the fiscal year of such utilities as determined by the said board, the said board of public utilities shall prepare and submit to the council a budget showing its estimated revenue for the coming year from all sources and its estimated expenditures for operating expenses, for depreciation, for payment of all outstanding obligations, for transfer to the City of payments in lieu of taxes, and all other estimated expenditures. Such budget shall be prepared in the form and manner required by the director of finance, and the same shall conform to the accounting system in use. Said budget shall be filed with the city clerk and shall remain on file for a period of not less than two weeks before any action is taken thereon. Said budget shall be a public document, and any person shall have the right to inspect the same at the office of the city clerk. Not less than two weeks after the said budget is presented, the council shall consider the same and may, on its own motion, hold a public hearing upon the said budget as presented, or it may reduce items of expenditures or delete items of expenditures, but it shall have no power to increase the estimated revenues nor may it increase any item of expenditures nor may it strike out or reduce any salary of any individual from the said budget. If the council shall take no action on the said budget within 30 days from the date the same is presented, the budget shall be deemed approved and shall become effective without further action.

Thereafter, no changes may be made in the said budget without presenting the same to the council and with the approval of the council after a lapse of two weeks and a public hearing thereon if desired; provided, however that items of expenditure as approved may be, if necessary, shifted from one class of item to another, without presentation to the council, but upon approval by the board of public utilities and upon certification by its manager that such changes are necessary.

Section 16.9 Disbursements

The approval of the said budget by the council shall be deemed to be an appropriation of the money authorized for disbursement thereby, and no further action need be taken by the council. All moneys paid by the said public utilities shall be paid by the comptroller thereof in accordance with procedures established by the board for verification of expenditures when the comptroller of city utilities certifies the payment to be within the terms of the moneys appropriated by the budget for the purposes specified in the budget.

Approved by vote of the people April 3, 1984.

Section 16.10 Funds

All moneys due to and collected by the public utilities from any source shall be paid to the comptroller of such utilities and deposited by him daily in the City depository to the credit of such public utilities and shall be disbursed by him only in accordance with the provisions of this Article or of any ordinance now in effect or hereafter enacted relating to the bonded debt of such public utilities.

The said comptroller shall be appointed in such manner as the board of public utilities shall direct and shall give bond to the board of public utilities and to the City jointly in such sums and on such conditions as the council shall by ordinance provide, the cost of said bond to be paid out of the revenue of the public utilities operated by the board.

Section 16.11. Accounting

The said board of public utilities shall follow in all respects the accounting procedures established for private utilities by the Public Service Commission of Missouri or by the Federal Power Commission. It shall furnish or cause to be furnished to the said city or to its director of finance such record of all cash deposited by it and a monthly record of all receipts and disbursements in such form and in such detail as shall be required by any ordinance hereinafter enacted by the council, which records shall at any time be open to the examination of the council or any committee or representative appointed by the council, and such board shall make, not less frequently that quarterly, full and complete reports of its transactions to the council; and it shall be the duty of the council at such times as it may deem expedient and necessary, but not less than one each year, to make or cause to be made a complete audit of the operations of said board for the preceding year.

Section 16.12. Purchases and contracts

The city utilities may purchase independently, except as provided further in this Section, but before it makes any purchases or contracts, or lets any contract for improvements, there shall be given ample opportunity for competitive bidding, in accordance with such rules and regulations as the board of public utilities upon recommendation of the general manager, approved by the city council, may prescribe by resolution; provided, however, that the board of public utilities shall not except individual contracts, purchases or sales from requirement of competitive bidding, nor shall it permit the subdivision of contracts or purchases for the purpose of evading the requirements of competitive bidding.

It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the city that supplies and equipment ordinarily used by the city utilities, operated by the board, and by other departments or agencies of the city, shall be purchased in such manner as to take advantage of the combined purchasing power of the City as a whole, wherever practicable.

The city manager and the general manager of the city utilities, together with such administrative staff as they deem necessary, shall meet at least quarterly to study and apply combined purchasing and any other activities that might be beneficial to the City as a whole.

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