Charter: Article XIII
Nominations and Elections (cont.)

Section 13.5. Preparation of ballots

The names of candidates for elective offices shall be printed on the ballots in rotation, without party designation as follows: The ballots shall be printed and distributed among the various voting places in as many series as there are candidates, so that the name of each candidate shall appear in each position on the ballots as printed and distributed substantially an equal number of times; except that such provision shall not apply to names of candidates when mechanical or other devices for voting or counting votes are used not inconsistent with state law. When mechanical or other devices for voting or counting votes are used, the names of the candidates for each office shall be listed on the ballot in the order in which they are filed and certified as sufficient by the city clerk. The names of candidates in election notices shall be printed in alphabetical order.

Approved by vote of the people April 5, 1977.

Section 13.6. Voting machines

The council shall have the power to provide for the use of mechanical or other devices for voting or counting the votes not inconsistent with state law.

Section 13.7. Returns; Canvass

Unless otherwise provided for by law, the council shall canvass the election returns and declare the results of any municipal election regular or special, at a meeting to be held not later than one week following such election. The candidate or candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected and inducted into office at that time.

Section 13.8. Tie vote

If at any municipal election there shall be no choice between candidates by reason of two or more having received an equal number of votes, the council shall proceed to determine the election by lot in a meeting open to the public and to which all candidates have been invited.

Section 13.9. Voting precincts

The wards of the city shall continue as now defined and may be divided into precincts when necessary subject to change by the council unless otherwise provided for by law.

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