Charter: Article XV

Section 15.1. Definitions and classifications

All boards or commissions established by this Charter or under authority granted herein to the council shall be classified either as (1) advisory boards, established for the purposes of investigation into general or specific problems affecting either the City as a whole or a particular department or agency thereof and making recommendation, or (2) administrative boards to which the power and duty of administering a department or agency of the City is entrusted with the necessary authority vested in such board to carry out such power and duties.

Section 15.2. Power to establish boards

In addition to the boards established by this Charter, the council shall have the power to establish, from time to time, such advisory boards as it may deem necessary or desirable and to provide for the scope and powers of such boards and for such employees and facilities as it deems necessary and to abolish the same.

Section 15.3. Applicability of article

This Article shall apply to all boards either established directly by this Charter or by the council pursuant to authority herein given except as other or different provisions shall be made in this Charter specifically applying to any board.

Section 15.4. Power of the council

Except as specifically otherwise authorized or provided in this Charter, all boards, departments, and agencies of the City shall be subject to legislative control of the city council.

Section 15.5. Members; terms; qualifications and restrictions

Except as otherwise specifically provided in this Charter, all boards established or authorized by this Charter shall consist of nine members appointed for a term of three years and until their successors are appointed and qualified. The Springfield Mayor's Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations shall consist of not less than five nor more than fifteen members appointed for a term of three years and until their successors are appointed and qualified. In the event a person fails to serve a full three year term, the successor shall be appointed for the unexpired term. The appointing authority shall have the power to make appointments for periods which are shorter than the required term in order to stagger terms so that one-third of the members are appointed each year. In addition thereto, the city manager may serve as ex-officio member if so provided in this Charter or in the ordinance establishing said boards. Members shall have resided in the city not less than two years immediately prior to their appointment, be qualified voters therein, shall reside in the City during their term of office; and shall take the oath prescribed for City officers and shall serve without compensation. When the city council determines that it is in the interest of the City to establish a board to advise the city council concerning inter-local matters provisions of this section pertaining to City residency and the number of members on advisory boards shall not apply. The city council may agree with other governmental agencies concerning the qualifications and composition of boards which are established to advise the city council about inter-local governmental matters.

During their term of office no member of any board shall be a member of any committee or organized group connected with any political party or promoting the candidacy of any person for municipal office. Members of all boards shall have the same qualifications as provided in this Charter for at-large councilmembers. However, no person shall be appointed to any board for more than two consecutive three-year terms and as far as practical, membership of boards and committees shall be representative of the various parts of the City.

A member of an administrative board of the City shall be prohibited for a period of one (1) year after leaving his position on such board from being hired as an employee of said board.

Approved by vote of the people November 5, 1996.

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