Charter: Article XV
Boards (cont.)

Section 15.6. Appointment and removal

Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, members of advisory boards shall be appointed by the council or as otherwise provided herein or as provided in the ordinances establishing such advisory board, and all members of such board shall be removable by the council. Members of administrative boards shall be appointed by the city manager with the approval of the council; such approval shall not be given until a period of at least two weeks shall have elapsed after such appointment is made, and if the council shall take no action thereon for 30 days after such appointment is made, it shall be deemed approved. Members of such boards may be removed by the appointing officer at any time with the approval of the council; provided, that any member so removed shall, if he so requests, have a hearing by the council before such removal.

Section 15.7. Personnel

All employees of such boards shall be appointed by the boards in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of this Charter, and shall be a part of the classified service of the City.

Section 15.8. Purchases and contracts

All materials, equipment and supplies necessary for the operation, maintenance, or improvement of any department or agency administered by a board shall be procured by the City purchasing agent in accordance with Article V of this Charter.

Section 15.9. Finances

Special levies authorized by the constitution or by law for the support and operation of any department or agency administered by a board shall be kept in an account separate and apart from other City funds and credited to such board. All moneys received by any administrative board for concessions, permits, fees, fines or otherwise accruing through the operation of the department or agency shall be promptly paid to the director of finance, and be credited to the account of such board. Any sums appropriated and spent as herein provided for the operation, maintenance or improvement of such department or agency shall be charged against such funds. Any special levy established by the council for such board may be reduced or discontinued by the council. Any special levy established by vote of the people may not be reduced or discontinued by the council without such reduction or discontinuance first having been submitted to and approved by the voters. None of such fund shall be spent for any other purpose and the various boards shall have, subject to the budget provisions herein, the exclusive power and authority over the expenditure thereof.

Section 15.10. Budget

All administrative boards, except as otherwise specifically stated, shall at the time provided for the general city budget submit their budgets to the council through the city manager. Such budget shall show the estimated revenue from all sources, including special levies, funds derived from operation and requested appropriations from the general revenues. It shall also show an itemized statement of proposed expenditures together with such other information as may be required by the city manager. The council may approve such budget as presented or it may delete items of expenditure therefrom or reduce the same, and it may grant or refuse requested appropriation from the general revenues. In the event that such requested appropriations from the general revenues are refused or reduced in amount, the expenditures in such budget shall be reduced proportionately thereto. The said board may include sums proposed to be set aside annually for capital improvements which cannot be financed in any one year. Such sums are to be set aside and invested as other City funds are invested. The budget shall show proposed expenditures in any one year from such capital improvement funds. No action on the said budget shall be taken for at least two weeks after its presentation to the council, and in the event no action shall have been taken on the said budget within thirty days after its presentation, the same shall stand approved as presented. Thereafter no changes shall be made in the said budget without first submitting the same to the city council for approval.

Proposed expenditures in said budget shall be charged: first, against the special levy; second, against receipts from operations; third, against appropriations from general revenue. Any sums budgeted for expenditures and unspent and unencumbered at the end of the year, above those received from special levies, shall revert to the general revenues.

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