Charter: Article XV
Boards (cont.)

Section 15.11. Disbursement of funds

All items of expenditure authorized in the budget of any board as approved by the council shall be deemed to be an appropriation thereof and shall be disbursed out of the appropriate funds by the director of finance on warrants authorized by any of the boards, or by the chief administrative officer when authorized by the board provided the director of finance certifies the payment as being within the terms of the appropriation, there being an unencumbered balance in the funds of any board to pay the same. The board shall establish and follow regular procedures for verification and oversight of such expenditures.

Approved by vote of the people April 3, 1984.

Section 15.12. Organization and procedure

Such boards shall organize annually by electing one of their members as chairman and such other officers as said board may deem necessary, and each of such boards may establish such rules of procedure and organization as it deems necessary not inconsistent with this Charter, or with the ordinances establishing the board, or with the laws of this state.

Approved by vote of the people April 3, 1984.

Section 15.13. Reports and audit

Each of the boards established hereunder, or by ordinance herein authorized, shall make, on or before the fourth Monday in the last month of the fiscal year, an annual report to the city council stating the condition of their trust on the first day of that year, the various sums of money received by the board, how such moneys have been expended and for what purposes and such other statistics, information and suggestions as it may deem of general interest or may be required by the city manager. A complete audit of the financial transactions of said boards, except as in this Charter otherwise specified, shall be made at least annually by the City auditor.

Section 15.14. Gifts and donations

Any person firm or corporation desiring to make donations of money, personal property or real estate for the benefit of any of the projects administered by any board shall have the right to vest the title to the money, personal property or real estate so donated in the boards created hereunder to be held and controlled by such board, when accepted, according to the terms of the deed, gift, devise or bequest of such property; and as to such property any such board shall be held and considered to be special trustees.

Section 15.15. Powers and duties of the boards

Each of the administrative boards established by this Article shall take charge of and operate the properties, institutions and facilities entrusted to them and shall have the care, custody and supervision thereof, and in order to carry out their duties, shall have the following general powers:

  1. To acquire real or personal property necessary, advisable, or useful for the purposes of such board by purchase, gift, exchange, or condemnation.
  2. To sell or dispose of real and personal property no longer needed or useful; provided that such sale or disposition shall be either with the express approval of the council or under the terms of any general ordinance enacted by the council providing for such sale or disposal in accordance with the terms of this Charter.
  3. Adopt, subject to the approval of the council, such bylaws, rules and regulations for the control, management, and government of the facilities, properties, and institutions entrusted to their care; such rules, regulations and bylaws shall, when approved by the council, have the force and effect of ordinances and may provide the punishment for their violation.
  4. Appoint, subject to the provisions of Section 15.7 of this Article, such employees as may be necessary to superintend and operate such facilities, properties, and institutions entrusted to their care; and fix the compensation thereof in accordance with general compensation plans adopted by the council for all departments and agencies not specifically excluded from such plans.
  5. Procure such material, supplies and equipment needed for the operation of the properties, facilities, and institutions in accordance with Section 15.8 of this Article.
  6. Provide for the maintenance and improvement of their facilities, properties, and institutions, subject to the provisions of Article VIII of this Charter.
  7. Establish additional facilities and properties or branches of existing facilities, institutions, or properties, with the concurrence of the city planning commission as to the location thereof.
  8. Enter into operation agreements with other public or private organizations having like purposes for an exchange of facilities.
  9. Have such other powers as may be necessary to carry out the purposes for which each of such boards is established or that may be granted to any board by ordinance enacted by the city council and are not inconsistent with this Charter or the laws or constitution of the state.

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