Charter: Article XV
Boards (cont.)

Section 15.16. Park board

There is hereby established a Springfield/Greene County Park Board, which board shall among its other responsibilities further the interest in developing a countywide park system in the City of Springfield and the unincorporated areas of Greene County. Except for parks or recreational facilities as may be operated by city utilities, the board shall take charge of and operate in accordance with the City Charter and the provisions of this Article all public parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities now owned or hereafter acquired by the City, and parks and facilities which are operated by agreement between the City and the County or any other person.

A minimum of two members and a maximum of four members shall reside in the unincorporated areas of Greene County, and their appointments shall be approved by the County Commission instead of the City Council, consistent with an interlocal governmental agreement between the City and County. The initial appointment of two members who live outside the City in the unincorporated areas of Greene County shall occur as board positions become vacant.

Approved by vote of the people November 5, 1996.

Section 15.17. Library board

The library board shall, notwithstanding any provisions of this Charter, be constituted and appointed and have such powers and duties as are now prescribed by general statutes for library boards in all cities of this state.

Section 15.18. Children's home board

There is hereby established a children's home board which shall take charge of and operate, in accordance with the terms of this Article, homes for orphaned children and children of indigent parents, now owned or established or which may be hereafter acquired by the City.

In addition to the powers granted by this Article, the said children's home board shall have power to make all necessary rules and regulations for the admission of children to said home, but no child shall be admitted thereto who has not been a bona fide resident of said city for a period of not less than three months next immediately preceding his admission to said home, and in the admission of children, preference shall be given to those whose parents are both dead or who have abandoned them; provided, that no religious or sectarian requirement shall ever be made for such admission.

The said board shall have the power to fix and maintain such charges as they deem proper for the admission and retention of children in said home to the end that parents who are able to contribute to the support of their children may be required to do so according to their ability.

The children's home board shall cooperate in all respects with the department of public health and welfare.

Section 15.19. Airport board

There is hereby established a regional airport board, consisting of eleven members, eight of whom shall reside within the City of Springfield and three of whom shall reside outside the City of Springfield but within Greene County, Stone County, or Taney County, or a county adjacent to Greene County, including incorporated cities therein, which board shall take charge of and operate, in accordance with the provisions of this Article, all airports and other facilities for the operation and service of aircraft, now owned or operated or which may hereafter be owned or operated by the City. Board members who reside outside the City shall have the same qualifications as other board members except for city residency. The initial appointment of the third board member who resides outside the City shall occur when a current board position becomes vacant.

Approved by a vote of the people April 3, 2001.

Section 15.20. Art museum board

There is hereby established an art museum board which shall take charge of and operate, in accordance with the provisions of this Article, the City art museum, which for the purpose of this Article shall be an institution for the collection and exhibition of pictures, statuary, and other works of art and whatever else may be of artistic or historic interest and appropriate for exhibition in an art gallery or museum, for the promotion by all proper means of esthetic or artistic education.

The exhibition galleries shall be open free to the public, except as herein provided, under proper and reasonable rules and regulations during suitable hours for a reasonable number of days in each week, including, as a usual custom, public holidays. The said board may, in its discretion, and subject to the approval of the council, fix admission fees or charges for certain times and occasions.

Said art museum board shall be the sole judge of the merit and propriety of works of art or other objects to be exhibited in such museum and galleries thereof.

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