Charter: Article XIX
Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 19.1. Judicial notice of the Charter

This charter is declared to be a public act, and all courts shall take judicial notice thereof.

Section 19.2. Ordinances to remain in force

All ordinances, regulations and resolutions in force at the time this Charter takes effect, which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter, shall remain and be in force until altered, modified or repealed by or under authority of this Charter or ordinance.

Section 19.3. Proof of ordinance

Any ordinance may be proved by a copy thereof certified by the city clerk under the seal of the City; or, when printed and published by authority of the City, it shall be received in evidence in all courts or other places, without further proof of authenticity.

Section 19.4. Pending actions and proceedings

No action or proceeding, civil or criminal, pending at the time this Charter shall take effect, brought by or against the City or any office, department, agency or officer thereof, shall be affected or abated by the adoption of this Charter or by anything herein contained.

Section 19.5. Continuance of contracts, public improvements, and taxes

All contracts entered into by the City, or for its benefit, prior to the taking effect of this Charter, shall continue in full force and effect. Public improvements for which legislative steps have been taken under laws existing at the time this Charter takes effect may be carried to completion as nearly as practicable in accordance with the provisions of such existing laws. All taxes and assessments levied or assessed, all fines and penalties imposed, and all other obligations owing to the City which are uncollected at the time this Charter becomes effective, shall continue in full force and effect and shall be collected as if no change had been made.

Section 19.6. Transfer of records and property

All records, property and equipment of any office, department or agency or part thereof, the powers and duties for which are assigned to any other office department or agency by this Charter, shall be transferred and delivered to the office, department or agency to which such powers and duties are assigned.

Section 19.7. Salaries

Unless otherwise provided in this Charter, the council shall prescribe by ordinance the salaries or other compensation of all officers in the unclassified service of the City. The council shall also, by ordinance not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter relating to the department of personnel, prescribe maximum and minimum salaries or other compensation for all officers, employees or classes of employees in the classified service of the City. The city manager may determine the compensation to be paid to each officer or employee within the limits so established. In no case shall the salary or compensation of any officer or employee be based upon or measured by fees.

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