Charter: Article XIX
Miscellaneous Provisions (cont.)

Section 19.22. Appointment of boards

The officer appointing persons for membership upon the various boards established and recognized by this Charter, and which appointments are required to be approved by the council, shall present any appointments for membership on said boards to the council at a regular meeting, and no action shall be taken by the council on such appointment for a period of at least two weeks after such appointments have been presented thereto. The council may hold public hearings as to the qualifications of the persons appointed and the advisability of such appointments, but upon the lapse of such two-week period shall either approve or disapprove the appointments presented to it. Its failure to act shall constitute its approval of such appointments.

Section 19.23. Assessed valuations

The assessed valuation of real estate and personal property in the City for taxation for municipal purposes shall be the same as the assessed valuation thereof for state and county purposes, as fixed by the county assessor.

Section 19.24. Compensation of county assessor

There shall be paid to the county assessor by the City as compensation for his services in connection with the appraisement of real estate and personal property for taxation within the corporate limits of the City the sum of twelve hundred dollars per year, payable annually. In addition thereto, there shall be paid to the county assessor by the City the sum of ten cents per hundred words for copies furnished to the director of finance by the county assessor on or before the 20th day of each January of that part of the county assessor's books showing the assessment of personal property subject to taxation within the City, and a like amount for copies of that part of the assessment of merchants and manufacturers subject to taxation by the City furnished to the director of finance immediately after such assessments are made.

Section 19.25. Effect of unconstitutional provisions

If any provision of this Charter be held to be unconstitutional or void, this shall not affect the validity, force or effect of any other provision.

Section 19.26. Contracts and ordinances contrary to Charter

All contracts, agreements and other obligations entered into, and all ordinances and resolutions passed after the adoption of this Charter and contrary to the provisions thereof shall be void.

Section 19.27. Use of the masculine pronoun

Throughout this Charter, the general use of the masculine pronoun is understood to apply indiscriminately to either sex.

Section 19.28. Amending the Charter

Amendments to this Charter may be framed and submitted to the electors by a commission in the manner provided by law and the Constitution for framing and submitting a complete Charter. Amendments may also be proposed by the council or by petition of not less than ten per cent of the registered qualified electors of the city, filed with the city clerk, setting forth the proposed amendment. The council shall at once provide by ordinance that any amendment so proposed shall be submitted to the electors at the next election held in the City not less than sixty days after its passage, or at a special election held as provided by law and the Constitution for a Charter. Any amendment approved by a majority of the qualified electors voting thereon shall become a part of the Charter at the time and under the conditions fixed in the amendment; Sections or Articles may be submitted separately or in the alternative and determined as provided by law and the Constitution for a complete Charter.

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