Charter: Article V
Department of Finance (cont.)

Section 5.7. Tentative budget

The city manager, at least two weeks before the council undertakes to set the tax rate for the next fiscal year, shall prepare and submit to the council a tentative budget in sufficient detail to enable said council to appraise the needs of the city for the next budget year. The council shall then set a tax rate upon all taxable property in an amount sufficient to produce the revenue needed.

Section 5.8. Final budget and budget message

The city manager, at least sixty days prior to the beginning of each budget year, or at such time in each year as shall be fixed by council, shall submit to the council a final budget with an explanatory message. For the purpose of preparing this budget and explanatory message, the city manager shall secure from the head of each office, department, or agency, who shall supply the same, detailed estimates of revenue and expenditures of that office, department of agency. The city manager shall also secure an estimate of all capital projects pending and of those which it is recommended should be undertaken (a) within the budget year and (b) within the next five succeeding years. In preparing the budget, the city manager shall review and may revise the estimates, as he may deem necessary.

The budget shall provide a complete financial plan for the budget year. It shall include the following:

  1. An itemized statement of estimated revenues from all sources for the year which the budget is to cover, together with a comparative statement of revenues for the last completed fiscal year and the year in progress.
  2. An itemized statement of proposed expenditures recommended by the city manager for each office, department, or agency for the year which the budget is to cover, together with a comparative statement of expenditures for the last completed fiscal year and year in progress.
  3. A statement of the amount required for the payment of interest, amortization and redemption charges on the debt of the city.
  4. Provision for contingent expense in an amount not to exceed five per cent of the total operating expenditures proposed under item (2) above.
  5. A general budget summary.
  6. Such other information as the city manager may deem essential, or as may be required by ordinance or by law.

The budget message shall be a full and complete explanation of the proposed budget, including reasons for any major changes from the preceding year. Expenditures proposed in the budget for each department, office or agency shall be itemized by character, object, function, activity and fund. The classification of revenue and expenditure accounts shall conform as nearly as local conditions permit to established and recognized standards of accounting. In no event shall the total amount of the proposed expenditures exceed the estimated income of the city.

Section 5.9. Budget a public record

The budget and budget message and all supporting schedules, exhibits, and other explanatory materials, shall be a public record in the office of the city clerk, open to public inspection. The city manager shall cause sufficient copies of the budget and the budget message to be prepared for distribution to interested persons.

Section 5.10. Public hearing

At the meeting of the council at which the budget is submitted, the council shall determine the place and time of the public hearing on the budget. The council shall cause to be published a notice of the time and place of the hearing at least ten days before the hearing is to be held. At the time and place so advertised, or at any time and place to which such public hearing shall from time to time be adjourned, the council shall hold a public hearing on the budget as submitted, at which interested persons shall be given an opportunity to be heard.

Section 5.11. Adoption of the budget

After the conclusion of such public hearing or hearings, the council may insert new items or may increase or decrease the various items of the budget, except for specified fixed expenditures. If it shall increase the total proposed expenditures, the council shall also increase the total anticipated revenue to at least equal such total proposed expenditures. The budget shall be adopted by the favorable vote of not less than a majority of the entire council, not later than the last Monday of the month preceding the first month of the budget year for which the budget is intended. Should the council take no final action on or prior to that date, the budget as submitted shall be effective without council action.

Section 5.12. Effective date, certification and copies of the budget

Upon a final adoption, the budget shall be in effect for the budget year. A copy of the budget, as finally adopted, shall be certified by the city manager and the city clerk and filed in the office of the city clerk. The budget so certified shall be printed, mimeographed, or otherwise reproduced, and sufficient copies thereof shall be made available for the use of all offices, departments and agencies of the city and for the use of interested citizens and civic organizations.

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