Charter: Article VII
Department of Law

Section 7.1. City attorney - Appointment; qualifications

There shall be a department of law, the director of which shall be known as the city attorney. He shall be appointed by the city manager. He shall be a resident of the City of Springfield, Missouri, and a duly licensed attorney of the State of Missouri. He shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by ordinance.

Approved by vote of the people in April, 1972.

Section 7.2. Same - Powers and duties

The city attorney shall have the power and be required to:

  1. Conduct and carry on all civil suits, actions and proceedings on behalf of the city, represent the city in all legal matters in which the city is a party or interested, and unless otherwise provided by ordinance as herein authorized, represent the city in all cases before the municipal court.
  2. Advise the council or any committee or member thereof, the city manager and the heads of all departments, boards, commissions and offices concerning any legal questions affecting the city˙s interests.
  3. When requested by the council or any member thereof or by the city manager, draft proposed city ordinances or amendments thereto.
  4. Prepare or officially approve as to form, all contracts, deeds, bonds, and other documents to be signed in the name of, or made to, with, or for the benefit of, the city, endorsing his approval thereon in writing.
  5. Direct and supervise the revision of the city's ordinances, as herein provided, within three years after the adoption of this Charter, and thereafter shall maintain the system of continuous revision.
  6. See to the enforcement of all ordinances, franchises and public service commission rules and regulations relating to privately-owned utilities operating in the city and shall represent the city in the courts and before all public regulatory bodies in connection therewith.
  7. Perform such other legal duties as the council may by ordinance or resolution require.

Section 7.3. Assistants; Special counsel

The council shall provide by ordinance for such assistant city attorneys as it may deem necessary, who shall be appointed by the city attorney with the approval of the city manager. Such assistant city attorneys shall assist the city attorney in his official duties with power and authority under his direction to discharge any of the duties of the city attorney. The city council shall further have the power to employ from time to time special legal counsel as it deems necessary.

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