Charter: Article VIII
Department of Public Works

Section 8.1. Director - Appointment and qualifications

The city manager shall appoint the director of the department of public works, who shall be a graduate of an accredited school of engineering and shall be registered under the laws of Missouri and qualified to perform the duties required of him by this Charter and the ordinances of the city.

Section 8.2. Same - Powers and duties

The director of public works shall serve as city engineer and shall have charge of:

  1. The designing, construction, reconstruction, supervision, and repair of all municipal buildings, bridges, viaducts, waterways, sewers, drains, levees, airports, public market facilities, off-street parking facilities, tunnels and structures, including alterations, replacements, additions, and appurtenances thereto, and maintenance of the same, unless otherwise provided in this Charter.
  2. The physical construction and improvement, and the physical maintenance of all parks, parkways, playgrounds, golf courses, recreational centers, camps, swimming pools, and all other city-owned land and buildings to be used for recreational purposes.
  3. The grading and improvement of all streets, alleys, highways, sidewalk spaces and public ways, and keeping the same open and in a safe and clean condition.
  4. The construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of all pavements, curbs, and sidewalks.
  5. The collection and disposal of garbage, ashes and refuse, and treatment and disposal of sewage.
  6. The lighting of public grounds and highways, the laying of conduits, the location, erection and construction of poles and all structures in, on or over public grounds and highways, the granting of all permits to excavate into or disturb any highways or public property or to make any special use thereof; provided that, with respect to such functions, the duties of the department of public works and the public utility department shall be coordinated by the city manager.
  7. The inspection of gas, plumbing, electrical wiring, boilers, elevators, smoke, sanitary and safety equipment of all buildings and structures within the city, and such other inspectional duties as the council may by ordinance prescribe.
  8. The issuance and revocation of all building permits, and the administration of all building and zoning ordinances.
  9. The making and the keeping of records of all plats, surveys, drawings, and estimates, and the furnishing of all information and reports relating to public works or the public works department as may be required by the city manager.
  10. The making and keeping of records of location, direction, depth, and connection of all underground structures and equipment.
  11. The drafting of a city building code and amendments thereto for adoption by the city council.
  12. Notwithstanding any of the other provisions of this section to the contrary, other than paragraph number six (6), the director of public works shall not have charge of any of the properties, institutions, or facilities in charge of and operated by any of the administrative boards established by this Charter nor responsibility for the performance of any duty or function imposed upon or entrusted to any such board, though nothing shall prevent the director of public works from performing any appropriate public works activities for any board under agreement with the board.

Approved by vote of the people April 6, 1971.

As the director of public works and as city engineer, he shall perform such additional duties not herein specifically set out as may be required of him by this Charter, by law, by ordinance, or by the city manager.

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