Charter: Article IX
Department of Public Health and Welfare

Section 9.1. Director - Appointment; qualifications

The director of the department of public health and welfare shall be appointed by the city manager. He shall be a physician graduated from a medical school approved or accredited by the American Medical Association or a sanitary engineer or other person qualified by training and experience in public health work. The department shall have such divisions as may be established by ordinance.

Section 9.2. Same - Powers and duties

The director of public health and welfare shall have authority and shall be required to:

  1. Enforce the laws of the state, the provisions of this Charter, and all ordinances relating to public health and shall make rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the council, for preserving and promoting the public health.
  2. Direct and supervise the inspection of all articles or commodities offered for sale within the city for human consumption, including the storage thereof, and including the inspection of and requirements for sanitary conditions, and cleanliness of places (whether within or without the city) where the same are produced, handled, processed, stored, or offered for sale or consumption, and including the healthfulness, cleanliness and sanitation of all methods, practices, persons and things relating thereto.
  3. Exercise general supervision over the health and cleanliness of the city and take all necessary measures for the protection, preservation and promoting thereof, including the making of any health examinations required by statute or by ordinance and the conduct of programs of public health and including the power of quarantine and detention to prevent the spreading of contagious and infectious diseases.
  4. Have charge of all hospitals and other institutions now or hereafter owned or controlled by the city for the care and treatment of sick, injured, insane, orphaned or destitute persons and of the control and operation thereof, unless otherwise provided in this Charter.
  5. Administer all ordinances and programs of the city involving human and social relations, social services and public assistance.
  6. Cooperate with all other public and private agencies engaged in health or welfare activities including child welfare and hygiene, juvenile delinquency and mental hygiene to the end that a duplication of activities may be avoided as much as possible.
  7. Perform such other duties as may be required by this Charter or by ordinance.

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