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This page is a tool for candidates for municipal office. During election years, it contains specific information relevant for the upcoming election, including a packet of candidate information, a list of important dates, and the seats that are available. At all times the site contains the qualifications for council members and some frequently asked questions.


To run for City Council, you must:

  • Be a qualified and registered voter of the city
  • Be a resident of the city for at least two years immediately prior to election
  • If filing for one of the Zone seats, must be a resident of your respective zone for at least one year immediately prior to election
  • NOT be a candidate or nominee for any other paid public office (exceptions: National Guard, Naval or Military Reserve, or Notary Public)
  • NOT be employed by the City of Springfield or any of its departments, boards, or agencies during or for 1 year after serving on the Council.

Petition Criteria

Valid petitions must meet the following criteria:

  • Zone - 100 registered voters, who reside in the particular zone
  • General - 200 registered voters, who reside within the city limits

Article 2 of the City Charter specifies the full qualifications for serving on City Council.

Article 13 of the City Charter details the nomination and election procedures.

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