Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a fee to file as a candidate?
  • There is no fee for filing as a candidate for City Council.

  • Explain the petition process and how many signatures are required on the petitions?
  • Nominations of candidates for all elective offices shall be by petition.

    Petitions for candidacy must be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk located at 840 N. Boonville, Springfield, Missouri.

    Petitions for zone councilmembers shall be signed by not less than one hundred (100) registered voters who are residents of the zone for which the candidate is requesting nomination.

    Petitions for officials elected by the entire city (General Councilmembers and Mayor) shall be signed by not less than two hundred (200) registered voters of the city.

    For more information on the petition process see Section 13.4.1 of the City Charter.

  • Where does a candidate obtain information regarding financial disclosure requirements?
  • It is the candidate's responsibility to obtain all pertinant infomation regarding financial disclosure from the Missouri Ethics Commission.

  • What are the residency requirements?
  • Each Councilmember shall be a qualified voter of the city and shall have been a resident thereof for at least two years immediately prior to his or her election or appointment. The four zone councilmembers shall be residents and qualified and registered voters of the respective zones provided for in the City Charter. Each zone councilmember shall have been a resident of his or her zone for at least one year immediately prior to his or her election or appointment. More information about residency requirements can be found in the qualifications to serve on City Council contained in Section 2.2 of the City Charter. Information about Council Zones can be located on the interactive map of the city.

  • What are the length of the terms to serve on City Council?
  • The Mayoral term is two (2) years and the Councilmember term is four (4) years.

  • In what order will my name appear on the ballot?
  • Candidates will appear on the ballot in the order that their petitions are able to be certified.

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