Section 4-3600. WC - West College Street District

College Street Streetscape Rendering

4-3601. Purpose. This district is intended to be a mixed-use district that accommodates a variety of residential and commercial uses. The three (3) subareas established by this section are intended to encourage an eclectic mix of businesses, artist studios, architecture and residents consistent with the adopted College Street Corridor Plan. WC-1, the Mixed-Use sub-area, is designed to accommodate a mix of commercial and residential uses. WC-2, the Live/Work sub-area, is designed to provide for a transition between the higher intensity mixed-use area on the north side of the street and residential uses on Walnut Street. This sub-area will provide for employment opportunities in conjunction with a dwelling. WC-3, the Residential sub-area, is designed to provide for a variety of residential uses including single-family, and townhouses. This sub-area permits multi-family developments and non-residential uses on the first floor frontage along College Street with the approval of a conditional use permit.

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