Art Museum

Fast Facts...

The Springfield Art Museum:
  • employs about 10 people
  • is funded by a special revenue fund with an annual budget of about $1 million
  • was incorporated in 1928
  • has a 385-seat auditorium
  • is a permanent home for some 8,895 art objects
  • has a new wing, entry hall, galleries, and gift shop


The Springfield Art Museum is a City agency with a rich heritage of supporting the arts in the Ozarks. It operates under authority of a nine-member board.

Services to the Community

Offering rotating exhibition as well as art classes for all ages, the Museum seeks to enlighten and educate citizens and vistors alike as to the joys of both creating and viewing original works of art.

Mission Statement

The Springfield Art Museum is dedicated to enhancing the education and documenting the diverse cultural heritage of the people of southwest Missouri through the collection, preservation and exhibition of art objects.

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Contact Us

1111 East Brookside Drive
Springfield, MO 65807