Fast Facts...

The Attorney's Department:
  • employs about 20 people
  • has an annual budget of about $2 million, or 2% of the General Fund budget
  • provides legal advice to volunteer boards


Ordinances and resolutions that come before the Council are routinely written by the legal staff. Bonds and financing, zoning matters, annexation of land, collection of monies owed the City, condemnation of land, and preparation of contracts are a few of the services provided to other departments. The Prosecutor's Office represents the City in prosecuting violations of City Ordinances. It also handles Citizen Complaints and provides information services to citizens including DWI mock trials, seminars for local businesses on shoplifting and other violations, and presentations to citizen groups such as Neighborhood Watch and civic organizations.

Services to the Community

  • Assists City officials and staff by providing legal services and advice pertaining to City business and issues
  • Prosecutes violations of Springfield City Ordinances before the Municipal Court
  • Represents the City in all legal matters, including all trial and appellate courts
  • Represents the City on matters that involve state and federal legislation
  • Conducts outreach efforts that include seminars on shoplifting enforcement and DWI mock trials for area students
  • Represents the City to most boards and agencies

Mission Statement

Provide quality professional legal services to the government of the City of Springfield. Provide leadership in areas requiring legal expertise.

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