List of City Departments

  • Airport

    jet airplane at gate jetway

    The Springfield-Branson National Airport provides premier air transportation facilities with superior standards of customer service while maintaining the highest levels of safety, convenience and efficiency for its visitors and passengers.

    Fast FactsAirport WebsiteAirport Board

  • Art Museum

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    Incorporated in 1928 and operating under authority of a nine-member board, the Museum houses some 6,500 art objects with special contemporary American watercolor and native Ozark collections.

    Fast FactsArt WebsiteArt Museum Board

  • Attorney

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    We work on developing bonds and financing, review zoning matters and the annexation of land, the collection of monies owed the City, condemnation of land, and prepare of contracts are a few of our services..

    Fast FactsAttorney Website

  • Building Development Services

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    We offer essential information for businesses, homeowners, landlords, tenants, contractors, and developers.

    Fast FactsBDS Website

  • City Clerk

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    This is the department citizens should contact when they wish to speak to their Council person. Working closely with our Mayor and City Council, we provide their clerical support, prepare the City Council Agenda and keep the minutes of all City Council meetings. In addition, we provide clerical support for several Boards and Commissions.

    Fast FactsCity Clerk Website

  • City Manager

    city manager greg burris speaks

    Responsible for the overall coordination and administration of day-to-day operations of the City, we supervise City departments, assist in policy formulation and implementation, collaborate and partner with outside agencies and organizations, and help to interpret and carry out City policies.

    Fast FactsCity Manager Website

  • Emergency Communications

    emergency dispatcher looks at computer

    Call 911 in an emergency! By using cutting edge technology and a highly trained work force, we ensure that city and county residents can expect an efficient and professional response to any emergency-related event.

    Fast FactsEmergency Communications Website

  • Environmental Services

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    Protecting the environment for current and future generations, the Department of Environmental Services is committed to preserving the natural environment in and around Springfield. This includes making Springfield a sustainable and desirable place to live, work and visit.

    Fast Facts • Websites: Environmental Services | Recycling

  • Finance

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    We assist citizens who may need a variety of licenses, we collect certain taxes, handle the City employee payroll, and administers the bidding of city contracts.

    Fast FactsAccounting, Budget, & Taxes Website

  • Fire Department

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    In addition to fire protection and emergency medical services, the Fire Department provides certain permits, safety surveys, business inspections, and smoke alarm installation.

    Fast FactsFire Website

  • Health Department

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    Public health impacts each member of our community every day. Staff at the Health Department work diligently to ensure the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is safe.

    Fast FactsHealth Website

  • Human Resources

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    We keep track of city-wide job openings, keep job descriptions current, review resumes and interview candidates, coordinate city-wide safety programs, administer insurance programs, and work in all facets of labor relations.

    Fast FactsCity EmploymentPersonnel Board

  • Information Systems

    circuit board

    By applying our technical expertise to the City, we maintain an effective communications network while recommending and purchasing the latest cutting-edge computer and networking hardware and software.

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  • Municipal Court


    The Springfield Municipal Court is a division of the 31st judicial circuit of Greene County. Municipal Court is committed to providing a forum for the fair and impartial trial for persons accused of violating a Springfield ordinance.

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  • Parks & Recreation

    golf club and ball

    The Parks Department includes more than 90 facilities including Chesterfield Aquatics Center, Cooper Tennis Complex, Dickerson Park Zoo, and the Mediacom Ice Park.

    Fast FactsParks WebsitePark Board

  • Planning and Development


    We primarily provides services related to the physical development of the community by working with citizens and other departments as we plan for the orderly growth of Springfield.

    Fast FactsPlanningPlanning & Zoning Commision

  • Police Department

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    Our department believes that it is through cooperation, education, and respectful law enforcement that we contribute to the high quality of life of our community.

    Fast FactsPolice WebsitePolice Civilian Review Board

  • Public Information

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    Serving as the City's information resource, we provide accurate and timely information to the general public and media. We plan special events, write news releases, develop web content, brochures, videos, and a variety of informational materials about City government.

    Fast FactsService Requests

  • Public Works

    worker fixes a traffic signal

    The largest department in the City, we are responsible for street design, construction and maintenance, a computerized traffic signal system, stormwater management, solid waste and recycling efforts, and maintaining publicly owned trees and grounds.

    Fast FactsPublic Works Website

  • Workforce Development

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    Anyone can receive job search assistance and job leads at our center. We offer clinics to job seekers, vocational counselors, help to businesses seeking skilled workers, veterans assistance, and access to 30 computers for job seeking.

    Fast FactsWorkforce Development Website