Information Systems

Fast Facts...

The Information Systems Department:
  • employs about 25 people
  • has an annual budget of about $2,350,000 million, or 3% of the General Fund budget
  • maintains the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) offering low-level aerial photography
  • supports the City's internet and intranet/internal website, and many other civic organizations sites, as well
  • has back-up power generators in place to provide 3 days of energy in case of city-wide failure


The Department of Information Systems is charged with the task of effectively and efficiently utilizing and maintaining the City Information Technology resources and investments; constructing and maintaining an effective communications network capable of supporting our mission; and supporting new acquisitions of hardware and software by City departments through research assistance, team participation, and leadership during implementation.

Services to the City

Information Systems is a department dedicated to supporting all employees and facilities with technological expertise. To that end, the City's internal Support Help Desk takes calls, logs problems, and provides solution to any employee that is utilizing the City's electronic equipment: fax machines, telephones, desktop and laptop computers, and network services. Information Systems also maintains a network "wi-fi" wireless connection for citizen use within a few city facilities.

Mission Statement

To provide excellence in information technology solutions and services that will facilitate the vision, objectives and goals of the City of Springfield.

information systems

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