City Manager

Fast Facts...

The Department of the City Manager:
  • is a small department with less than 10 people
  • has an annual budget of about $1 million, or 1% of the General Fund budget
  • can take part in Council discussions, but has no voting power
  • is a council-appointed position representing the top of the city employment structure
  • lives within city limits during their time as City Manager


Responsible for the overall coordination and administration of day-to-day operations of the City; supervises coordinated efforts between various City departments; assists in policy formulation and implementation; work with outside agencies and organizations in collaborative efforts; helps interpret and carry out City policies.

Services to the Community

  • appointment and, when needed, removal of employees either directly or through department heads
  • preparation and administration of the City's annual budget for approval by City Council
  • yearly reports to City Council about finances and administrative activities as well as ongoing advice to Council about present and future financial status or needs
  • attendance at all City Council meetings and many of its committee meetings
  • enforcement of all laws, ordinances, contracts, etc.

Mission Statement

To responsibly administer the policies and ordinances of the City Council, acting as a conduit between citizens, groups, departments, and public officials. The City Manger provides leadership and innovative vision to City Staff and the Leadership Team to ensure efficient, open, and effective municipal government that addresses the concerns and goals of the citizens and visitors of Springfield.

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