Municipal Court

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Fast Facts...

The Municipal Court:
  • employs about 30 people
  • has an annual budget of about $2 million, or 2% of the General Fund budget
  • has two Municipal Court judges appointed by the City Manager


The Springfield Municipal Court is a division of the 31st judicial circuit of Greene County. Municipal Court is committed to providing a forum for the fair and impartial trial for persons accused of violating a Springfield ordinance.

Services to the Community

  • Any citizen of Springfield may file a citizen complaint. To lodge a complaint, call 864-1892 and make an appointment with legal technicians in the City Prosecutor's Office.
  • Cases that routinely come before the court include driving while intoxicated, tow hearings, common assault, probation hearings, and a variety of other violations of City ordinances ranging from traffic violations to shoplifting.
  • Complaints involving incidents in Greene County or which violate state law should be reported to the Greene County Sheriff or Prosecuting Attorney.
  • Legal technicians are available during regular business hours for appointments with citizens to discuss the possibility of filing charges.

Mission Statement

To provide for the just, fair and expeditious resolution of cases for the Springfield City Ordinance and City Charter. To accomplish our mission, we will; treat court users fairly and respectfully; insure the effective and efficient use of judicial resources; and enhance the publicís understanding of the Court system. If we accomplish our goals, the results will be; the public receives prompt, fair and courteous treatment by court personnel; court cases are resolved within time standards without sacrificing the quality of justice; and public has better understanding of the court process.

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Contact Us

625 North Benton
Springfield, MO 65806


8:00-11:45 a.m. &
12:45 - 5:00 p.m.