Fast Facts...

The Police Department:
  • established in 1858 with a Marshal and two officers protecting 1,200 citizens
  • currently employs about 300 sworn officers and 80 civilians
  • has an annual budget of about $25 million, or 36% of the General Fund budget
  • sets a goal of a 6-minute response time for emergencies
  • has a website, located at www.springfieldmo.gov/spd


Springfield Police are proud to serve our diverse community with a commitment to caring, sensitive, and professional policing. Individually and collectively, we are dedicated to excellence, cooperative teamwork, and community interactions defined by integrity and fairness. Working in partnership with other local, county, state and federal police agencies, we share protection responsibilities and facilitate education on personal safety and the prevention of crime. We believe that it is through cooperation, education, and respectful law enforcement that we contribute to the high quality of life of our community.

Services to the Community

  • Traffic Services
  • 911 Emergency Operations
  • Drug Prevention/Transportation
  • Robbery Prevention/Investigation
  • Homicide Prevention/Investigation
  • Graffiti Prevention
  • Neighborhood Security/Domestic Abuse Prevention
  • Shoplifting Prevention
  • Child Safety

Mission Statement

Partnering with the Community for Quality Police Service and Protection

police department

Contact Us

321 E. Chestnut Expwy
Springfield, MO 65802

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