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Mary Ann Rojas New Director of Workforce Development

Mary Ann Rojas, the new City of Springfield's Director of Workforce Development, will oversee the department, which along with agency partners, provides services to businesses and job seekers through the Missouri Career Center, a full-service, one-stop center serving a seven-county Ozark region.

Fast Facts...

The Workforce Development Department:
  • employs about 60 people.
  • is funded by a grant revenue fund with an annual budget of about $8 million.
  • provides computer and Internet access in its Resource Room for job-search activities.
  • offers a variety of workshops each month, including five-day jobseekers workshops from 9 a.m.12:30 p.m.
  • has counselors who hold an orientation two Wednesday afternoons each month for people with legal considerations.
  • visit their website at


The Department of Workforce Development provides services to businesses and job seekers in our region through the Missouri Career Center, where we work along side many of our agency partners.

Services to the Community

  • Business Services: information and assistance for employers in recruiting, hiring, testing and training.
  • Job Seeker Services: information and assistance in improving skills and obtaining employment; veterans' services; services for individuals receiving unemployment benefits or public assistance.

Mission Statement

To create a well prepared workforce that meets the needs of a responsible business community.

workforce development

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